Avatar The Way Of Water 4DX review

The Way of Water is a great movie and what helped the experience was watching in 4DX. The seats moved throughout the film, at times it could be jolty, and other times felt smooth and fast. It’s less intense than a theme park ride, and the seats stay in the same position. 4DX also includes wind, smoke, and even bubbles in one scene. My air shots only worked on one side, but were still fun. When a gun fired, you felt the puff of air hit your ear. I’ve seen other films in 4DX that’s not to do with water and have got splashed more. I would recommend seeing a 4DX film. The story continues from the first Avatar. Years have passed and now Sully and Neytiri played by Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña have kids. The family have to leave the forest and go into hiding, due to humans hunting them down. They find a new clan based around the sea and water called The Metkayina. To live with this clan, they must learn The Ways Of Water.

I enjoyed the kids in this film and loved seeing the bond between the family. The characters were much more interesting than in the previous film. In some ways, it felt a bit like a teen high school movie with bullies and trying to fit in. I also enjoyed the dialogue between people. The action scenes were very fun to watch, especially set in the sea and water, this gave it a more unique twist to most action films. The Way Of Water also had some comedic elements throughout.

The Way Of Water did have some issues, being over 3 hours. I think they could have made the film shorter. Some action scenes felt like repeats of previous scenes. I also would have liked to experience a bit more drama with the kid’s relationships with the other clan. I wish this movie focused more on the romantic side. The Way Of Water is similar to the first Avatar but with new locations. I also would have enjoyed a few more pop-out moments in 3D.

The Way Of Water is an excellent film, and what made the experience better is watching in 4DX. 4DX makes you feel what the characters are Experiencing. If you can’t catch a 4DX screening, I recommend 3D. Avatar the Way Of Water is a must-see on the big screen!


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