“As Good As Dead”- Michael Jai White Interview

Michael Jai White wrote a story inspired by his brother. Directed by R. Ellis Frazier, it takes a familiar concept and uses it to explore the appreciation Michael Jai White learned for Mexican culture and tropes typically in other action movies. Unbelievably, he agreed to sit and talk with me about it, and thank goodness for editing because, man, did I fumble over my questions this time. Check it out!

As we briefly discussed, there is a surprising twist on a “Karate Kid” formula in a relationship that forms between two characters you wouldn’t expect, and this brings a surprising light-heartedness to the movie that helps it feel accessible and fun, then elbows start flying and one or two cheer worthy cuts help this stand a cut above some action movies. Michael Jai White is a star and I’m not sure why he isnt in higher profile projects more often.

There are flaws (some wooden acting, lighting that doesn’t seem cinematic in places, audio coverage, etc.) but the gut of what makes an action movie like this work is there. Please check it out when you can!


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