FYC: “Evoke” Enters The Best Live-Action Category at The Oscars

Our good friend Aaron Abelto’s latest short film “Evoke,” is in the middle of the Oscar race in the Short Film category. We have the details surrounding the film below to share with you today.

“Evoke” Enters The Best Live-Action Category at The Oscars

Los Angeles, CA – October 13, 2022 – Able 2 Film Entertainment, released “EVOKE” for a theatrical
premiere in Los Angeles (September 16 – 23, 2022 at the Laemmle Monica Film Center in Santa Monica).
And now will enter its name into the Best Live Action Short Film category.

EVOKE follows the journey of Detective Clarke Cain and Jonathan Abel as they try to solve a murder
mystery involving a young woman.

Written and directed by Aaron M. Abelto, EVOKE was produced by Rajesh D. Felix, Sarah E. Felix. David
Escorcia served as Director of Photography.

The ensemble cast of Evoke features Tony Torres (Det.Cain), Jamil Malik (‘Dr. Brown’), Leondre Thomas
(‘Officer Smith’), Kurt Dose (‘Officer Roberts’), Aaron M. Abelto (‘Det. Abel’), Tatiana Solodka
(‘Paramedic’), Roger J. Torres (‘Officer Anderson’), Zach Felix (‘Paramedic’), Bryan G. Thompson
(“Dispatcher”) Josh Felix (“Robber”)

“EVOKE allowed me the opportunity to incorporate the effects of mental illness and the perception of
acceptance in today’s society” said filmmaker Aaron M. Abelto.

For more information regarding EVOKE, check out the website: www.able2film.com


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