‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – Season 1’ Review

Week after week, I stuck with this show, and week after week, I ended up being disappointed by the majority of what “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” delivered to us. I’ve said time and time again that the Disney+ format is an excellent medium to slowly introduce new characters and build them up before entering the big screen. Lawyer Jennifer Walters (aka She-Hulk) fit that format perfectly. If only the show surrounding her was just as good.

It was pointed out by the writers, not only off-screen but made fun of on-screen as well, that they have a hard time intersecting the many started storylines and, in particular, writing courtroom scenes. That, and the one thing you want a comedy to be is funny. This is not. It seems to me that it is clear what the source of the problem on this show was, and I have no idea how it slipped by Kevin Feige. As weeks passed, I was hoping that we would get a vision of what the story would be. By episode six, I realized this show had no story. Once that decision was made in the writer’s room that this would be not much more than a sitcom to display this new character, they should’ve nailed the most critical aspect of a sitcom: comedy.

Tatiana Maslany was far from any issue the show had. In fact, she was the greatest thing to come from this. I can’t wait to see her interact with the other Avengers, and while I did say many of the jokes were misses, Maslany’s timing was perfection. Her ability to break the fourth wall was some of the better scenes, and it just shows that Marvel pays attention to everyone online – some of the gags here rival Deadpool. On that note, there are some ways that Marvel doesn’t listen. The She-Hulk CGI certainly isn’t the worst out there, but the final product is inexcusable. The designers need significantly more time than they got, and if that means cutting down on the eight projects a year, so be it.

It was fun seeing each week new guest stars would appear. I’m glad Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk seems to be back in business getting his own story and possibly setting up a “World War Hulk” film. It’s always nice seeing Wong again, but I’m incredibly interested in his growing bond with Abomination – another person I’m glad to see back, Tim Roth, after a fourteen-year absence from this universe. The character we were all waiting to see back in action, Daredevil, did not disappoint either. His portrayal was surely less serious and brutal than in the Netflix show, but even after Kingpin, I haven’t lost hope yet for these characters translating from streaming service to streaming service. As I said, the writing was the issue. Oh yeah, and Megan Thee Stallion is there for whatever reason.

Is “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” the worst thing the MCU has given us? Well, “Thor: The Dark World” exists, so no. But this wasn’t too far above that, in my opinion, and a major disappointment overall. They could’ve tried so many new ideas with this genre and premise brought up for the show. Instead, they waste it with an underwhelming story and lacking direction that rarely changes any sort of plot progression from episode to episode.

Final Grade: C

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