5 ‘Dynasty’ Storylines That Feel Like a Fever Dream

Dynasty has come to an end. The Carringtons are no more and as completely bizarre their world could be, fans are going to miss the drama that comes with them. As the show gradually progressed further from reality, a handful of storylines will stick with fans forever.

Adam… That’s It… Just Adam…

Adam (Sam Underwood) is the ultimate menace. Wherever he goes trouble follows him like a bad smell. Whether his intentions are pure or maniacal, Adam is possibly the definition of a bull in a china shop. He wreaks chaos but it’d be a lie to say he didn’t add endless entertainment to the show. No other character’s entrance could sum up their entire persona quite like Adam’s.

A master manipulator, the long-lost Carrington heir often has no remorse for his actions. Like his sister, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, even if it means shoving his own mother into a fire or literally resorting to murder – this becomes a regular occurrence with Adam. But it’s not his natural talent for breaking the law which shocks us, it’s how easy he’s let off the hook. Sure, he finally gets somewhat of a comeuppance, but when bodies are dropping – in his own hospital no less – Adam should really be drawing some sort of police attention to himself.

Fallon’s Musical Nightmare

Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) has been put through the ringer during her time at Carrington Manor. She’s faced kidnappings, faux weddings, countless cat fights, and the retrieval of her deceased friend’s body from her family’s private lake, so it’s only natural that she’d suffer the effects of a severe gas leak.

The third season continues to jump the shark by throwing a musical episode into the mix. Gillies is undoubtedly the heart of the show but sometimes certain episodes *cough* Something Desperate *cough* are nothing more than an excuse to show off her effortless vocal range. There’s no complaints here, of course; she is a wonderful singer. The premise of this episode, on the other hand, is pure Dynasty gold, encapsulating the eccentric beyond belief soap opera tone that fans of the original series adore. Something Desperate does play a crucial role in the story’s progression but it’s still comical to think back to Adam, Blake (Grant Show), Cristal (Daniella Alonso) and Sam (Rafael de la Fuente) belting out Burning Down the House.

The Death of Cristal

On a more serious note, absolutely no one could have predicted one of the leading stars and pivotal characters would be axed after the first season. Fans will recall Nathalie Kelley taking on a newly reformed Cristal Carrington as she reinvents the role once played by Linda Evans. Kelley displays massive charisma throughout her 22 episode run, clashing perfectly with Gillies and later Nicollette Sheridan in an on-screen rivalry for the ages.

Following an epic catfight in proper Dynasty fashion, Cristal is left critically wounded and nearly engulfed by flames. It’s arguably the strongest finale the show dared to explore; the tension builds and builds until the inevitable snap wipes the characters off their feet, love triangles are in the air, new faces arrive and dark secrets are exposed. Viewers are almost certain Cristal wouldn’t be killed off so soon into the reboot but when the Carringtons return for its second year, they are without their beloved matriarch. Although, this isn’t the end for Fallon’s greatest frenemy as the real Cristal (Ana Brenda Contreras) is quick to arrive – there could be a Cristal multiverse with the amount of cast changes in the series.

Mommy Dearest

Adam has a lot of issues. A lot. Maybe that’s an understatement. First, he gets kidnapped as an infant. Then, he euthanises who he once believed to be his mother. This is before he orchestrates a horrifying game of manipulation against his brother Steven (James Mackay). He’s already marking his territory as a great antagonist. But it’s not until the second season’s fifteenth episode that viewers get a real sense of how dangerous he is.

His relationship with Alexis is in turmoil. He finds confirmation in her deceit and when he promises to keep her secrets at bay, the latest lodger at the manor forces his mother’s face into a lit fireplace. As traumatic as this all sounds, it’s nothing compared to the aftermath as he plans reconstructive surgery. Alexis literally comes away from the incident a whole new woman. Gillies doubles down on acting duty to play mother and daughter after Adam ensures Fallon is the inspiration behind the ‘new’ Alexis. Whilst Gillies is incredible in her portrayal of Sheridan’s character, the nature of this storyline is highly unsettling, especially because Adam once again gets away Scot free.

Steven is Forgotten

Perhaps the most unbelievable arc throughout Dynasty is how Steven is written off with absolutely no follow-up until the finale. Steven’s relationship with his family is on rocks when he finds out Anders (Alan Dale) is actually his real father. However, he’s always shared a close bond with Fallon. So, why is there never any mention of him after he is placed in an institution?

It seems Steven just vanishes off the face of the Earth as far as his family’s concerned. There’s no logic in his absence nor the fact that the Carrington’s never think once to check in on him. Fallon at the very least would be the first to back Steven’s corner so it’s slightly unbelievable that she’d abandon all hope of ever seeing him again. Closure may have been received in the season finale but the Carringtons have a lot of explaining to do. Steven deserves better, that’s all fans should be taking away from Dynasty.

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