TIFF Review: “EO”

-Allison McCulloch

EO is a stark story of a mistreated donkey. The film feels at times like an homage to AU HASARD BALTHAZAR.

The director said in a prerecorded intro to the film, “I care about the fate of all animals.” The humans in the film have different reactions to the donkey. Some are affectionate toward the donkey and some beat the donkey.

In some ways, it’s a hard movie to watch, but it goes to show that some people show humanity to humans and animals alike and some people don’t. In a world where some mistreat animals, the message seems to be to be kind and to heal.

Vegan points:

-Girl kisses donkey

-Donkey has a carrot necklace

-Credits say no animals were harmed in the making of the film

Vegan alert:

-Donkey pulls a cart

-Car honks at donkey

-Donkey whipped and beaten

-Donkey crying

-Animal shot

-Dead bird

-Blood dripping from animal’s eye

-Animals in cages

-Reference to salami

-Polish cheese and pig to eat

-Man claims to have eaten hundreds of kilograms of meat and salami from donkey meat

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