Slaughter Day (1991): Blu-ray Re-release!

Visual Vengeance is bringing a special Blu-ray re-release of “Slaughter Day” from Brent and Blake Cousins on September 13th! The label seems to focus on shot-on-video horror and I had the chance to preview the movie in the hopes of interviewing some of the team behind it. I just couldn’t stop from sharing my thoughts, because, by the time I had wiped the gore from my face and stopped laughing over how many times the director can be heard starting scenes, I had genuinely enjoyed a special experience:

Seriously, I greatly enjoyed this, and wish I’d had the opportunity to share some behind-the-scenes insight on how a few young adults threw themselves into a passion project and didn’t give up until they had something worth remembering. As I say in my video, for every bad wig or surprise braces, there’s a stunt that, for 1991, and even somewhat today, would seem nearly impossible. The best and the worst of independent cinema in under an hour, but all for the better!

You can purchase at:

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