Hulu Original Film Prey Editor Claudia Castello Interview

We recently saw Prey released on Hulu and it ended up being the highest viewed film in the history of the streaming platform on opening weekend. The Amber Midthunder-led Predator film has been met with rave reviews from critics and audiences. I had the chance to chat with Claudia Castello who edited the film.

Ricky Valero: What about the Prey that made you want to edit the project?

Claudia Castello: Being a Brazilian coming from a Latin country with a lot of indigenous influence and being a huge fan of the Predator franchise, I had all the reasons to jump on this project. The script was very good, the characters were interesting, and I loved the idea of combining the franchise with the representation of the Comanche Nation. And “Naru” played by Amber Midthunder got my heart. I love her – and I love the Predator!!

RV: When working with VFX/CGI does it make the editing process harder?

CC: Not so much on this movie because a lot of the VFX were practical and almost all the plates we had for CGI were shot on location, so it was really fun and more organic to edit which I believe shows in the end result. I also had a very efficient and talented team. My first AE and additional editor Alex Oppenheimer, the amazing in-house VFX editor Ben Howdeshell, and every single one in the editing team made a difference on that pipeline.

RV: With the film being an origin story of Predator, did you feel any pressure working on the film?

CC: I felt really excited. It gave me more stamina knowing it would be a Predator from 1719. I didn’t feel pressure.

RV: How was it working with Dan Trachtenberg?

CC: It was amazing. Dan is super collaborative and open to suggestions. The process was very satisfying and I was really happy working with him. 

RV: When editing a project, what are the things you are looking for?

CC: The characters and the movie emotional arcs are the first things I look for when I read the script and carry those thoughts throughout editing. Then all the obstacles, turning points, major events, rhythm, story clarity, etc. But what I obsess about the most are those arcs, which are the soul of the movie. 

RV: How does it feel to watch back at your work after you have completed it?

CC: It feels good. I am satisfied with my work. I will bring everything I learned from my experience on “Prey” with me to the next project and I will face new challenges and search for the best solutions. That is the beauty of this job. 

RV: Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

CC: I’ve just started editing the Hulu series by Kapital Entertainment studio “Black Cake” with EP Oprah Winfrey. It is my first opportunity to work as an editor in a real female point of view project from writing, directing, producing, all the way to editing. It’s a beautiful story and I’m very excited about it.

Prey is streaming on Hulu today.

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