Paradise Highway Director Anna Gutto Interview

Lionsgate is set to bring out Paradise Highway on July 29th in select theaters and on demand. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the writer/director of the film, Anna Gutto.

Synopsis: Academy Award® winners Juliette Binoche and Morgan Freeman lead this riveting thriller set in the trucking industry and its seamy underbelly of human trafficking. To save the life of her brother (Frank Grillo), Sally (Binoche), a truck driver reluctantly agrees to smuggle illicit cargo: a girl named Leila (Hala Finley). As Sally and Leila begin a danger-fraught journey across state lines, a dogged FBI operative (Freeman) sets out on their trail, determined to do whatever it takes to terminate a human-trafficking operation — and bring Sally and Leila to safety.

Gutto’s writing puts us smack dab in the middle of this human trafficking and how ugly it really is. I believe, if anything, this film will open some eyes to how we need to protect and take this entire thing even more seriously. Juliette Binoche is brilliant in the role of Sally. Gutto’s writing of Sally put us in the shoes of what we would do in this situation. She is trying to protect hers while figuring out her next move with this kid.

Overall, Paradise Highway is a thrilling and somewhat haunting look at an ugly world that happens underneath our noses. I can’t wait to see what Gutto has in store for us in the future.

Below, you can listen to my interview with Anna Gutto, where we talk about the inspiration behind the project, the star-studded cast, and more.

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