Tune In: Bridge and Tunnel Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere

Bridge and Tunnel is set to return for Season 2 on Epix this Sunday, July 10. We have all the details and information regarding the premiere below.

Created, Written, and Directed by
Ed Burns


Written, directed, and produced by Edward Burns—who also stars— Bridge and Tunnel is a six-episode, half-hour romantic comedy set in the early 1980s. Season Two opens in the summer of 1981, exactly one year after the events of the last season, and finds Jimmy, Jill and the rest of the gang no longer tethered to the leafy confines of the suburbs. They’ve now got one foot in Manhattan, and it will be a magical summer in the big city full of sexiness, vibrancy and excitement as they each fall in and out of love (with partners new and old) and take one step closer to making their dreams a reality.

Episode One “Back Together Again” – July 10, 2022 at 10:00 P.M. EDT/PDT

Jimmy and Jill brace for an awkward reunion after not seeing one another for a year. Meanwhile, Pags looks to Tammy to help his sister’s band find a drummer for their big concert. Stacey has issues with Jill’s new boyfriend, who happens to be married.

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