Private Property star Shiloh Fernandez Interview

Private Property is a brand new thriller opening in Select theaters, Digital and On Demand this Friday, May 13th. The film stars Shiloh Fernandez and Ashley Benson. 

Private Property plot: Stuck in a marriage to a rich Hollywood producer (Jay Pharoah, “SNL”), struggling actress Kathryn (Ashley Benson, “Pretty Little Liars”) finds herself attracted to Ben, her new gardener. Then, she meets Ed, the eccentric millionaire who’s just moved in next door, and a BBQ turns into a drunken party. Kathryn awakens to discover that Ben and Ed have been hiding secrets and that her home — and life — may now be in grave danger.

The film is a twisted psychological thriller that is highlighted by two very good performances by our leads, Shiloh Fernandez and Ashley Benson. Fernandez does a great job of playing the villainous role of Duke.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Shiloh to talk about what it was like playing that villainous role, working with Ashley Benson and what is ahead for the actor. 

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