Ozark Season 4 Part Two Review – A perfect finale for Netflix’s greatest original series

The end has arrived for Netflix’s Ozark with the forthcoming release of part two of season four. The show has had critical raves for a lot of years winning numerous Emmy’s along the way. Today, I share my SPOILER Free review of the second half of season four.

Before watching Part Two, I said that Ozark had the chance to become one of the greatest TV shows in history if they got the ending right. I’ve had it made up in my mind how Ozark was going to end and I was hoping it would deliver.

Ozark Season 4 Part 2 – the final episodes – premieres April 29, 2022.

Plot: Ozark season 4 part 2 will pick up after the shocking events of the first half. Following the imprisonment of Omar Navarro, his nephew Javi has taken over the cartel. In one of his first acts, he murders Darlene Snell and Wyatt Langmore to take out their heroin operation. An enraged Ruth threatens the Byrdes with a shotgun to find out who killed them. When Jonah tells her it was Javi, she vows to get revenge for her business partner and cousin.

So many questions remained from the part one finale. Will Ruth get revenge for the death of Wyatt? Who is taking over Darlene’s business? Will the Byrde family finally reach their demise?

We picked right up where part one of the season left off, with Ruth driving and having flashbacks of time with Wyatt and their time together. Ruth is on the loose and she is really unpredictable when she is in this type of state. Wendy knows that as she has threatened Javi and wants to tell them. Marty is obviously protective of her and won’t allow it because he knows Javi will have her killed when he finds out she’s after him.

Fuck off Dr. Phil 

The Byrde family has been wheeling and dealing with the FBI, the cartel and anyone else that would help them escape this world they are living in for quite some time now. So I wondered if it would eventually catch up and we would see a family member finally catch a bullet or maybe a charge?

As promised, this is a spoiler-free review of the series, but the Bryde family has an uphill battle throughout these final episodes vs. past and present foes. From what I can say, the story is like the rest of the series. We are playing high stakes in the world of the cartel, politicians and law enforcement. Each character sees an increasingly huge story advancement that leaves no stone unturned. I was impressed with how they could close several chapters while also starting new ones as the story comes to a close.

The final episodes are fruitful in many things, but the arc of one of the greatest characters ever written in Ruth Langmore was beyond fulfilling.. From the first time we met Ruth, a loudmouth who very much falls into place with whatever her dad says, young girl to the firm, passionate woman that became a force of nature towards the end of the series, it’s been beautiful to watch. Julia Garner is an outstanding actress who steals so many scenes throughout this series, but she steals the show as only Ruth could in these final episodes.

Speaking of another character, Skyler White was the worst character ever to grace a TV series for the longest time, but Wendy Byrde surpassed that by the most significant margin ever. I credit the writing of her character and Laura Linney’s manipulative way of playing it that made us hate this character so much. I wanted so badly to see a bullet put between her eyes and well, you will have to watch to find out if that happens.

I have to mention the rest of the Byrde family, Jason Bateman, Sofia Hublitz and Skylar Gaertner. All so had huge growth within their stories from day one until the final moments.

Did the series end how I expected? No. I didn’t expect what happened to happen. Am I sad at the ending? Also, no. I have even sat with the end for a couple of days and still think it is the show’s ideal ending. I am excited to see what others have to say about it, more so, so I can talk to more people about it and if they liked it.

The Verdict

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ozark is hands down one of the greatest TV series of all time. I am excited to sit down and rewatch the series in a big binge to put all the pieces together again.

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