Suspicion Season 1 Episode 1 Recap: Persons of Interest

Plot: When the son of a prominent American businesswoman (Thurman) is kidnapped from a New York hotel, the eye of suspicion quickly falls on four seemingly ordinary British citizens who were at the hotel on the night in question. As they find themselves in a trans-Atlantic cat and mouse race to evade the combined forces of the National Crime Agency and the FBI to prove their innocence, it becomes apparent that not everyone can be trusted. Who is really behind the mysterious abduction, and who is only guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time? 

I speak a lot about the importance of a show reeling you in from the beginning. How those first 5-10 minutes plays out can be the sole reason an audience member stays invested or not. Suspicion nail this right out of the gate with a fantastic kidnapping set up by several people in masks. They overtake the kid and shove him in a suitcase. We know by the plot who he is, but now that we are hooked, it’s time to find the why this event occurs.

The show weaves in and out of several different sequences that introduce characters that we aren’t quite aware of the roles they will play; how they structure these sequences, will be vital in the story’s progression.

Natalie is on the verge of getting married and her mother is showering her with gifts before the reception. Natalie is quite suspicious of where all the money is coming from and takes a peek at her phone and finds out her gut is correct. She meets up with the man that her mother was supposed to pay off her debts and she decides she is going to settle them herself.

One of the things that stood out to me the most was the banger score the pilot offered thanks to Gilad Benamram. His music elevated the tone of this show so much that it became its own character. I was thoroughly impressed by the score and how they utilized it to enhance the story—fantastic work by composer Benamram.

As we reach the end of the episode, we see several people that were introduced throughout the episode escorted out of their places by the cops. Each happened in front of family and friends that left so many people asking themselves tons of questions. Poor Natalie getting escorted before she even got to say, I do.

I am not always a fan of so many characters being introduced in one episode. However, I will say they did a great job laying out the episode for each cast member of importance to show pivotal moments of what was at stake for them before their arrest. I loved everything about this pilot and I can’t wait to see the next episode.

The Verdict: A

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