Cinema Audio Society Announces CAS Awards Nominations for Outstanding Achievements in Sound Mixing during 2021

Our friends at the Cinema Audio Society have announced their nominees for the 58th Annual Awards.

HOLLYWOOD – Today, the Cinema Audio Society announces its nominees for the 58th Annual CAS Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for 2021 in seven categories, as well as ten Outstanding Product nominees.

After a virtual event in 2021, the 58th Annual Cinema Audio Society Awards returns as a live event on Saturday, March 19, 2022 in the Wilshire Grand Ballroom at the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown. Legendary director and producer Sir Ridley Scott will receive the Cinema Audio Society Filmmaker Award. Being honored with the CAS Career Achievement Award is previously announced honoree re-recording sound mixer, Paul Massey CAS. Writer-actor Kristen Vangsness (Criminal Minds) will emcee the event and other presenters will be announced soon. Tickets for the 58th CAS Awards will be available via the CAS website from Feb. 7. 

The CAS Award nominees are uniquely chosen by sound mixers, to celebrate excellence of the craft in the film and television industry. Hundreds of entries are reviewed and evaluated every year by experienced and accomplished CAS members who know the art and science of sound.

“This year’s nominees display incredible skill and craftsmanship,” says CAS President Karol Urban. “We received submissions reflecting a myriad of narrative styles and technical approaches. The ingenuity and storytelling expertise of our sound mixing community is truly spectacular.” 

As previously announced, five finalists are vying for the Student Recognition Award. The winner will be announced at the awards gala. In addition, the CAS will announce its newly elected CAS Board of Directors.

The 58th Annual CAS Award Nominees are:

Production Mixer: Mac Ruth CASRe-Recording Mixer: Ron Bartlett CASRe-Recording Mixer: Douglas Hemphill CASScoring Mixer: Alan Meyerson CASADR Mixer: Tommy O’ConnellFoley Mixer: Don White
No Time To Die
Production Mixer: Simon Hayes CASRe-Recording Mixer: Paul Massey CASRe-Recording Mixer: Mark TaylorScoring Mixer: Stephen LipsonADR Mixer: Mark ApplebyFoley Mixer: Adam Mendez CAS
Spider-Man: No Way Home
Production Mixer: Willie Burton CASRe-Recording Mixer: Kevin O’Connell CASRe-Recording Mixer: Tony Lamberti CASScoring Mixer: Warren BrownADR Mixer: Howard London CASFoley Mixer: Randy K. Singer CAS
The Power of the Dog 
Production Mixer: Richard FlynnRe-Recording Mixer: Robert MackenzieRe-Recording Mixer: Tara WebbScoring Mixer: Graeme StewartFoley Mixer: Steve Burgess
West Side Story
Production Mixer: Tod Maitland CASRe-Recording Mixer: Andy Nelson CASRe-Recording Mixer: Gary Rydstrom CASScoring Mixer: Shawn MurphyADR Mixer: Doc Kane CASFoley Mixer: Frank Rinella

Original Dialogue Mixer: Paul McGrath CASRe-Recording Mixer: David E. Fluhr CASRe-Recording Mixer: Gabriel Guy CASRe-Recording Mixer: David Boucher CASScoring Mixer: Alvin WeeADR Mixer: Doc Kane CASFoley Mixer: Scott Curtis
Original Dialogue Mixer: Vince Caro CASRe-Recording Mixer: Christopher Scarabosio CASRe-Recording Mixer: Tony VillaflorScoring Mixer: Greg HayesFoley Mixer: Jason ButlerFoley Mixer: Richard Duarte
Raya and the Last Dragon
Original Dialogue Mixer: Paul McGrath CASRe-Recording Mixer: David E. Fluhr CASRe-Recording Mixer: Gabriel Guy CASScoring Mixer: Alan Meyerson CASADR Mixer: Doc Kane CASFoley Mixer: Scott Curtis
Sing 2
Original Dialogue Mixer: Edward SuttonRe-Recording Mixer: Gary A. Rizzo CASRe-Recording Mixer: Juan PeraltaScoring Mixer: Alan Meyerson CASADR Mixer: Robert EdwardsFoley Mixer: Frank Rinella
The Mitchells vs. The Machines
Original Dialogue Mixer: Howard London CASOriginal Dialogue Mixer: Aaron HassonRe-Recording Mixer: Tony Lamberti CASRe-Recording Mixer: Michael Semanick CASFoley Mixer: Sanacore CAS

Becoming Cousteau
Re-Recording Mixer: Tony Volante CAS
Summer of Soul (…Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)
Re-Recording Mixer: Paul HsuRe-Recording Mixer: Roberto Fernandez CASRe-Recording Mixer: Paul Massey CAS
The Velvet Underground
Production Mixer: Juliana Henao MesaRe-Recording Mixer: Leslie Shatz
Production Mixer: Caleb A. MoseRe-Recording Mixer: Lawrence Everson CASScoring Mixer: Phil McGowan CAS
Production Mixer: Michael HaldinRe-Recording Mixer: John BolenScoring Mixer: Garth StevensonADR Mixer: Mitch Dorf

Hawkeye: Ep. 3 Echoes
Production Mixer: Pud Cusack CASRe-Recording Mixer: Thomas Myers CASRe-Recording Mixer: Danielle DupreScoring Mixer: Casey Stone CASADR Mixer: Doc Kane CASFoley Mixer: Kevin Schultz
Mare of Easttown: Ep. 6 Sore Must Be The Storm
Production Mixer: Richard Bullock Re-Recording Mixer: Joseph DeAngelis CAS  Re-Recording Mixer: Chris Carpenter 
The Underground Railroad: Chapter 10: Mabel
Production Mixer: Joseph White Jr. CASRe-Recording Mixer: Onnalee Blank CAS  Re-Recording Mixer: Mathew Waters CAS  Scoring Mixer: Geoff Foster  Foley Mixer: Kari Vahakuopus 
WandaVision: Ep. 8 Previously On
Production Mixer: Christopher Giles CAS  Re-Recording Mixer: Danielle Dupre  Scoring Mixer: Casey Stone CAS  ADR Mixer: Doc Kane CAS  Foley Mixer: Frank Rinella
 WandaVision: Ep. 9 The Series Finale
Production Mixer: Christopher Giles CASProduction Mixer: Michael Piotrowski CAS Re-Recording Mixer: Danielle Dupre Scoring Mixer: Casey Stone CAS ADR Mixer: Doc Kane CAS Foley Mixer: Malcolm Fife

Squid Game: S1 Ep. 7 VIPS

Re-Recording Mixer: Park Hyeon-Soo   Re-Recording Mixer: Serge Perron  ADR Mixer: Cameron Sloan
Succession: S3 Ep. 1 Secession
Production Mixer: Ken Ishii CAS  Re-Recording Mixer: Andy Kris  Re-Recording Mixer: Nicholas Renbeck  Scoring Mixer: Tommy Vicari CAS  ADR Mixer: Mark DeSimone CAS  Foley Mixer: Micah Blaichman
The Morning Show: S2 Ep. 1 My Least Favorite Year
Production Mixer: William B. Kaplan CAS Re-Recording Mixer: Elmo Ponsdomenech CAS  Re-Recording Mixer: Jason “Frenchie” Gaya  Scoring Mixer: Carter Burwell   ADR Mixer: Brian Smith  Foley Mixer: James Howe 
The White Lotus: S1 Ep. 5 The Lotus Eaters
Production Mixer: Walter Anderson CAS Re-Recording Mixer: Christian Minkler CAS Re-Recording Mixer: Ryan Collins ADR Mixer: Jeffrey Roy CAS Foley Mixer: Randy Wilson 
Yellowstone: S4 Ep. 1 Half the Money
Production Mixer: Andrejs Prokopenko Re-Recording Mixer: Diego Gat CAS Re-Recording Mixer: Samuel Ejnes CAS ADR Mixer: Michael Miller CAS ADR Mixer: Chris Navarro CAS 

Cobra Kai: S3 Ep. 10 December 19
Production Mixer: Michael Filosa CAS Re-Recording Mixer: Joseph DeAngelis CAS Re-Recording Mixer: Chris Carpenter Scoring Mixer: Phil McGowan CAS ADR Mixer: Marilyn Morris Foley Mixer: Michael S. Head 
 Only Murders in the Building: S1 Ep. 3 How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?
Production Mixer: Joseph White Jr. CAS Re-Recording Mixer: Mathew Waters CAS Re-Recording Mixer: Lindsay Alvarez CAS Scoring Mixer: Alan DeMoss ADR Mixer: Stiv Schneider Foley Mixer: Karina Rezhevska
 Ted Lasso: S2 Ep. 5 Rainbow
Production Mixer: David Lascelles AMPS Re-Recording Mixer: Ryan Kennedy Re-Recording Mixer: Sean Byrne CAS ADR Mixer: Brent Findley CAS MPSE ADR Mixer: Jamison RabbeFoley Mixer: Arno Stephanian CAS MPSE
 The Book of Boba Fett: S1 Ep. 1 Chapter 1 Stranger in a Strange Land 
Production Mixer: Shawn Holden CAS Re-Recording Mixer: Bonnie Wild Re-Recording Mixer: Scott R. Lewis Scoring Mixer: Alan Meyerson CAS Foley Mixer: Richard Duarte
  What We Do In The Shadows: S3 Ep. 4 TheCasino
Production Mixer: Rob Beal Re-Recording Mixer: Diego Gat CAS Re-Recording Mixer: Samuel Ejnes CAS ADR Mixer: Mike Tehrani Foley Mixer: Stacey Michaels CAS

Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry
Production Mixer: Jae Kim Re-Recording Mixer: Elmo Ponsdomenech CAS Re-Recording Mixer: Jason “Frenchie” Gaya Scoring Mixer: Aron Forbes ADR Mixer: Jeffrey Roy CAS Foley Mixer: Shawn Kennelly
 Bo Burnham: Inside
Production Mixer: Bo Burnhan Re-Recording Mixer: Joel Dougherty
 Formula 1: Drive to Survive: S3 Ep. 9 Man on Fire 
Production Mixer: Doug Dreger Re-Recording Mixer: Nick Fry Re-Recording Mixer: Steve Speed
McCartney 3,2,1 – Ep. 1 
Production Mixer: Laura CunninghamRe-Recording Mixer: Gary A. Rizzo CAS
  The Beatles Get Back: Part 3
Production Mixer: Peter Sutton (dec.) Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Hedges CAS Re-Recording Mixer: Brent Burge Re-Recording Mixer: Alexis Feodoroff Music Mixer: Sam Okell Foley Mixer: Michael Donaldson 

Cedar Audio: Retouch 8 
Lectrosonics: DBSM Transmitter   
PSC (Professional Sound Corp): PowerStar Smart Traveler
Schoeps: CMC 1 SO 
Shure Incorporated: Axient Digital ADX5D Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver 

Acon Digital: Extract Dialogue  
Cargo Cult: Matchbox v1.3.0   
Dolby Laboratories: Dolby Atmos Renderer 3.7 
LiquidSonics: Cinematic Rooms   
Todd-AO: Absentia DX V3   

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