“Iron Family” Interview

“Iron Family” is a collaborative documentary about a family and its’ roots and future in an American town. Patrick Longstreth directs the Faries family, focusing on star Jazmin Faries as she develops a play she progresses with annual chapters for the community. The documentary also focuses on her older brother, Chad Faries, and it feels like his presence brought more to the documentary than would be there without him:

In the interview Mr. Longstreth and Chad Faries explore developing the movie around the environment in which the family lives, and their history developing strength in the relationships of the family itself.

Watching “Iron Family,” this relationship resonates and watching this feels like reflecting on American History, the traditions of family, and survival and dreams of successes yet to come. I found it deeply impactful, and I hope the family and town continue to find support. I hope the community keeps celebrating its’ art and finds reasons to celebrate its’ history, just as much as I hope Jazmin achieves some of her dreams and the family continues to bond chapter after chapter.

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