‘The Manor’ Nicholas Alexander Interview

Nicholas Alexander stars in the latest Welcome To The Blumhouse movie, The Manor. He and I talked about his role as Josh, what it was like working with Barbara Hershey and more.

The Manor releases on Amazon Prime Video on October 8.

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Richard Valero: What was your first job in the movie industry?

Nicholas Alexander: I started in theater when I was about five or six, and then I got into film when I was about 12, I did short films, but I think the first thing I did was a small role on Burn Notice.

RV: Who are some of your early inspirations whenever you first kind of got into acting?

NA: Oh man, there are so many. I love the greats Daniel Day-Lewis and Phillip Seymour Hoffman and I really love one of my favorites right now that I personally love is John Cassavetes. He’s so amazing. One of the greatest actors, Meryl Streep, of course, legend Barbara Hershey, was in Black Swan, like all these amazing movies or worked with Scorsese and I was lucky to work with her.

RV: Speaking upon that, working with somebody like her who’s been around for as long as she has, what was it, what was it like and what are some of the things that you kind of learned from her? 

NA: Oh, man, it was I every day, I just sat back and watched and watched her process and even Bruce, to like everyone on set that, you know, these legends that I sat back and was just basically a sponge absorbed all this acting knowledge. And every day it was, it was just acting classes just every single day for however long the shoot was. And it was, if you don’t go at it in that mindset, you know, you as an actor, you are kind of dumb, cause it’s just, it’s all right there. It’s all, and it’s all free. It’s free information.

RV: What initially attracted you to the role of Josh?

NA: I read the script and instantly fell in love with the relationship between him and Judith, his grandmother. I have a really close relationship with my grandmother. She shares the same similar traits as Judith. She’s feisty, funny and young at heart. And she curses up a storm just like Judith. So all these things. I really fell in love with that relationship. I just love all the twists and turns it takes. It’s one thing and then it turns into another, and it’s a psychological horror movie. And then, you know, it does kind of its own thing and all these crazy twists.

RV: One of the things I do think that I love the most about the film was that ending. You’re making a decision that can change, not just Judith’s life but also, you know, Josh’s life for the rest of his life. What were you thoughts on that?

NA: I know Barbara says it’s kind of like a love story almost, it really is between their relationship. And I feel like it was just, without spoiling anything, I think she really wanted to be there for Josh and wanted to, you know, see him grow up and that was a motivating factor in that. Um, yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s tough. It’s, it’s interesting. It’s an interesting ending and it makes you think a little bit.

RV: What is your favorite, scary movie? 

NA: Oh, that’s so hard. I’m such a horror movie fan. Of course, the classics, like The Shining and Rosemary’s baby. I know Barbara, she’s not into like the slasher kind of stuff. I love The Dawn of the Dead and you Freddy and all that stuff. I think recently one of my favorites and I kind of consider it a horror movie, but personally, it’s a full-blown horror movie, is Persona by Ingmar Bergman, something about that it’s one of the scariest movies I’ve ever, I’ve ever freaking seen. And it’s so disturbing to me. And I’m going to definitely watch that again when it’s during spooky season coming up. 

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