‘Doom Patrol’ Season 3 Review: They’re back, and as dysfunctional as ever

Creator: Jeremy Carver
Stars: Brendan Fraser, Joivan Wade, Diane Guerrero

Synopsis:The adventures of an idealistic mad scientist and his field team of super-powered outcasts.

Words can’t explain how excited I am that one of my favorite shows is dropping later this month. It has been a long time coming, and I am thrilled that fans get to see their favorite dysfunctional heroes attempt to save the world. Doom Patrol Season 3 never skips a beat and is filled with depth, mystery, and crazed adventures, as this show continues to push the limits of what a Superhero show can be. 

Doom Patrol Season 2 left us with a cliffhanger, which had numerous fans scratching their heads for several reasons. We didn’t know when or if season 3 was happening and later found out that the true season 2 finale was delayed due to the pandemic. The good news is that the faithful finale of Doom Patrol season 2 kicks off season 3. Which feels odd watching, considering I haven’t rewatched season 2 since it aired last year. It reminded me of the same route that  DC Titans took with their season 2 premiere feeling more at home with what should have been the finale of season 1. 

I had to view the series premiere of Doom Patrol season 3 as a wrap of season 2. It was enticing to watch the “finale” of season 2 to refresh my mind of the events that transpired prior. But I was impatient and want to start the new season with fresh eyes. However, this is something I recommend to fans of the show. To put your theories and wild imaginations to rest, I think the best course of action before the true beginning of season 3 starts with episode 2.

Season 3 of Doom Patrol is as strange and twisted as the seasons that came before it. This season deals with the “Brotherhood Of Evil” and the highly anticipated “Sisterhood Of Dada”which I think is shaping into a phenomenal plot. The way that this season shrouds itself in mystery is genius and will keep the audience guessing. I’m relieved that the first three episodes of season 3 will debut on with the premier for fans and newcomers to have a chance to sink into what this season has to offer.

This show is nothing without its characters. As you would expect, our favorite gang of characters is in top form and blend in well with newcomers to the show. Such as the chemistry by Madame Rougeplayed by Michelle Gomez ,and Rita Farr, played by April Bowlby. 

Doom Patrol is back and better than ever. This series never holds back and continues to push its characters in the right direction. My favorite dysfunctional team of misfits is back and better than ever.

Grade: A-

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