New single “Dream Team” from Jamie McDell

Jamie McDell, has released her new single, “Dream Team,”  via ABC MUSIC. This is the first single from her forthcoming new album due to drop in early 2022.  

Some artists hole up in their bedrooms to write albums, others in garages or on airplanes between shows. Jamie McDell chose a bathroom floor after watching the last episode of the Netflix series ‘Chernobyl.” After watching the series of events that took place in 1986 she went scrolling through social media and came across a post captioned “Dream Team” and somehow that combination triggered a song.

Photo of Jamie McDell
Jamie McDell

Jamie McDell’s musical start

At the age of 7, New Zealand born McDell moved out onto a yacht after her father left a high-paying job at an elite Auckland law firm to shift her mother, younger sister, and her onto the high seas in the Mediterranean. It’s here Jamie wrote her first song, a sea shanty to the dolphins. Also on that yacht lived a small collection of her parents’ favorite cassette tapes, which luckily included albums by Jimmy Buffett, John Denver, and James Taylor. Not a bad playlist for the open sea and I can see how she turned her dolphin shanty into a career of haunting vocals and confessional lyrics.

Jamie was then signed to EMI at the young age of 16 and that set her on the path for what has evolved into a successful musical journey.

This new track shows McDell’s continued growth and helps showcase the singer’s unique voice and her tender guitar strumming. The songs begs us to think about how much we are willing to pay or sacrifice for power and to think about what or who we put up on a pedestal.

Lyrics snippet:

He calls us the dream team, dream team
I go round and round in search of what you mean
The dream team
If only it was just a dream

Listen to Dream Team

This new album (yet to be released) contains Jamie’s most brutally honest moments, in both writing and performance, while the musicians and production take you on a modern journey through 70s folk and country, blended with a healthy dose of roots and rock. 

The Nash Chambers-produced project will be her third full-length, following 2019’s Extraordinary Girl and The Botox EP.

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