Netflix Original Series ‘Outer Banks’ S2E10: The Coastal Venture

It took me a few months to get into Outer Banks. It wasn’t one of those shows that I thought I would like and after watching the first two episodes, I was sure it wasn’t a show for me. But I powered through the season, and honestly, I loved it and I feel like often we give up to fast on TV shows because of a lackluster episode or two.

The show left off with mass chaos. Did the storm consume John and Sarah? Will Ward pay for what he did? How will the three amigos (Pope, Kiara, JJ) move on without their friends? And what will happen to the gold?

Season Two drops tomorrow on the streaming platform

S2E10: The Coastal Venture

After the big reveal of Ward being alive, I KNEW IT, the crew is stuck inside a cargo container, and Rafe breaks down how this cross will set them up for life. Ward is breaking down how he was able to get away from the big explosion. One big happy family yet again.

The crew is trying to figure out a way to take down Rafe while stuck in the basement of the boat. Some genuinely fantastic comedic scenes here with JJ at the forefront of them again.

Things are fallen apart for Ward, and as the crew starts to take over the ship. The build-up here is good, as lots of nothing is happening, but a ton is happening simultaneously. Everyone is making moves to get to the finish line.

As the crew takes over the boat, John searches for Sarah and he and Rafe go head to head in a battle. But, again, Rafe is not that big of a guy. So stop making him out to be this MONSTER that can kick everyone’s ass, and it’s so annoying. They should’ve either cast a bigger guy or let him be the chicken-shit bad guy.

The finale does what they like to do with finales that have more seasons and leaves many unanswered questions while closing a few chapters along the way. I will admit we reached the edge of some questionable scenes here but to be expected, honestly but still kind of frustrating as they could’ve gone about it differently to make it NOT SO over the top.

The big reveal at the end was a SHOCKER! Season Three is going to be absolutely bonkers!

The Verdict: B+

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