Netflix Original Series ‘Outer Banks’ S2E8: The Cross

It took me a few months to get into Outer Banks. It wasn’t one of those shows that I thought I would like and after watching the first two episodes, I was sure it wasn’t a show for me. But I powered through the season, and honestly, I loved it and I feel like often we give up to fast on TV shows because of a lackluster episode or two.

The show left off with mass chaos. Did the storm consume John and Sarah? Will Ward pay for what he did? How will the three amigos (Pope, Kiara, JJ) move on without their friends? And what will happen to the gold?

S2E8: The Cross

We see Sarah come home and, in turn, stumbles across the map across her house and has returned to the crew to show them.

One of my favorite side characters is JJ. He makes me laugh all the time. His character is somewhat of a nitwit but also he comes through in the clutch with random moments of greatness, including the one-liner in this episode, “I think I’m Sherlock Holmes.”

The crew comes through with another crazy scheme after they mop up after the Wards. After finding what they are looking for, Twinkie (John B’s car) gets stuck, leading to him battling an alligator. Yes, you read that right. These kids can overcome anything.

A detour causes JJ to have to fend for his dad to help him escape after his early release and his most recent run-in with the law. Yes, he just got out and already beat up a pharmacist and is back on the run.

JJ was hands down the MVP of this episode, and I honestly loved every minute of it. He was a character that needed his own time to shine in an episode and Rudy Pankow took the ball and ran with it.

I will admit this episode was MUCH better than the last one but also slightly underwhelming as a whole. JJ was the key reason the episode worked.

The Verdict: B

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