Netflix Original Series ‘Outer Banks’ S2E5: The Darkest Hour

It took me a few months to get into Outer Banks. It wasn’t one of those shows that I thought I would like and after watching the first two episodes, I was sure it wasn’t a show for me. But I powered through the season, and honestly, I loved it and I feel like often we give up to fast on TV shows because of a lackluster episode or two.

The show left off with mass chaos. Did the storm consume John and Sarah? Will Ward pay for what he did? How will the three amigos (Pope, Kiara, JJ) move on without their friends? And what will happen to the gold?

S2E5: The Darkest Hour

After weeks of running and trying to find a way to clear his name, we saw John finally give himself up. The episode opens with the judge announcing that if convicted, he faces the death penalty. However, once we get outside the courthouse, an intense showdown between Ward and Kiara built on the already massive animosity between the group.

Popes dad (E. Roger Mitchell) is one of my favorite side characters on the show. Their relationship is rough around the edges, but his reactions to Pope are priceless and have great comedic timing.

Kiara is facing the repercussions of her actions at home. She comes back and asks for money, but instead, her mom throws her out.

I will say that it can be somewhat infuriating to watch how they can easily do so many illegal things. JJ is just riding around an ambulance into a police station like it’s nothing. I understand that this is a TV show, BUT they could try a little more in those details.

I understand this show is quite soapy, but listen, the camera work on this show is magnificent. Again, simultaneous shots that are equally intense have you on the edge of your seat. I am blown away by the consistent one-upping the previous killer sequence with the next.

I am seriously blown away by how good each episode progresses to get better. Although sometimes outlandish, the entire team is working their tails off.

The Verdict: A

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