Netflix Original Series ‘Outer Banks’ S2E4: Homecoming

It took me a few months to get into Outer Banks. It wasn’t one of those shows that I thought I would like and after watching the first two episodes, I was sure it wasn’t a show for me. But I powered through the season, and honestly, I loved it and I feel like often we give up to fast on TV shows because of a lackluster episode or two.

The show left off with mass chaos. Did the storm consume John and Sarah? Will Ward pay for what he did? How will the three amigos (Pope, Kiara, JJ) move on without their friends? And what will happen to the gold?

S2E4: Homecoming

Pope has become the center of the chase now, and the people are forcing his hand to blackmail. They want this ‘key’ in return for John’s freedom, and Pope is entirely unaware of what and where this key is.

The simultaneous shot sequence here with two chases going on and how they collided was another testament to how good the direction is on this show. They built both of these up at the same time and how they collided was perfect.

Rafe is falling apart until he finds out that John B is back in town and he is willing to make sure that he gets ahold of him by any means necessary. So he gets his dealer to strap him up and he is out to find him and take care of him.

We get our first interaction between Ward and Sarah, and it is STRONG. The weight of emotions going through both of these characters finally comes to a head, and they both lay it all on the table. Madelyn Cline and Charles Esten were terrific in this scene. Both of these actors are bringing the heat throughout these first couple of episodes.

Another solid episode. Tons of story development with the one HUGE scene that kept the adrenaline rush that is the show’s heartbeat.

The Verdict: B+

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