What’s new in the Streets of Rage 4 DLC?

Last year we got the greatest 26 year-in-the-making sequel. Fast forward and here we are, the first DLC to this amazing game. If you haven’t already played Streets of Rage 4, you should. Whether you’re an old veteran of the Sega games, or a new comer, this game is such a fantastic modern take on a classic.

What’s in this new DLC?

I’m here to review the DLC though, so let’s talk Mr. X Nightmare. First off this is an $8 add on, which is a steal for the amount of content we’re getting. 3 new characters: Max, in his updated SoR4 form, which I must say is quite the upgrade from his SoR2 self, Estelle who is a beautiful combination of speed and tact, and lastly Shiva, in all his ninja glory. You could argue we got the straight power/rounder/speed character set. The DLC also gives you access to a new survival mode, where you are put in arena after arena, pushing to climb as far as you can.

Each stage is harder than the last, with surprise bosses thrown in randomly, as well as an actual boss every 4th stage. Within this mode there are two options, random or the weekly sim. Both have leader boards, and within survival runs they’ve incorporated a rogue-like element. So, clear a stage, grab a power up, and move on.

Power ups are anything from stars for super moves, to elemental effects on attacks or weapons. This keeps runs very fresh, and can make sure each run feels different. The game play already has high replayability, but now I’m addicted to survival. Survival mode also brings in a plethora of classic retro enemies, stages, and music. You’ll also find new weapons, with some comedic and others just deadly. From a sword fish to a light saber, you can find your weapon of choice.

As you climb you will hear the new soundtrack which is fantastic, as well as the old Yuzo Koshiro classics on retro stages. For the first time ever in a SoR game, you can now unlock extra moves. You can get one additional move for each special move type. Once unlocked you simply set your load out on the character select screen. I have not stopped playing since the DLC went live. To be fair, I have always loved this series, I played the original 3 games a ton, and this game 26 years later, feels like I never stopped.

There are also a few additions as part of a free update, including training mode. You can essentially create any scenario you would like, or just beat up your least favorite goons. It’s great for combo testing with the new unlockable moves. I’ve also heard rumors there might be a 4th unlockable character hidden. Overall there is no downside to this DLC.

It’s a solid 9.5/10 for me.

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