‘No Ordinary Love’ Director Chyna Robinson Interview + Film Review

When I began to watch Chyna Robinson’s ‘No Ordinary Love,’ I knew I was watching something that had a message and one that more people need to hear. Chyna digs deep into several topics that most people creating art are scared to tackle, the Church and the brotherhood within the Police force when it comes to Domestic Abuse.

Throughout this movie, there are so many moments that leave your jaw on the floor because it is seen raw and vivid to see what happens to these women in their respective lives.

My interview with Chyna Robinson isn’t typical as it’s like in this movie, a message is here, and we need to hear it. We go in-depth into the concept of Domestic Violence, why she chose to intertwine these two powerful subjects, and what it was like doing her research for the film.

In the interview, one of the tidbits that blew me away in our discussion was DeAna Davis’s first acting. Tanya Anderson isn’t an easy role, as the mental headspace to have to get into this woman’s head who is going through much in her life puts her at a genuine crossroads. DeAna blew me away with her emotionally charged performance in this role. I credit Chyna’s writing of the character, and I credit DeAna for taking that vision and bringing it to life.

The movie also challenges the simple ideas of the Church and how pastors across the country utilize the bible to manipulate the minds of men and women and even kids. She also looks at the enablers, from the fellow church staff to the brotherhood of cops and even the justice system failing Tanya. It’s not just an expose on these things but also an eye-opening experience that everyone needs to experience.

I can’t recommend this movie enough to everyone, and I can’t express this enough, if you see a friend, a family member, or a stranger in need of help, help them as we never know when can help someone get out of danger. Stand up and say something.

The Verdict: B (**** out of *****)

‘Chyna Robinson’s No Ordinary Love sparks a conversation that demands to be heard’

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