Ranking the Songs on ‘Bo Burnham: Inside’

Ranking the Songs on ‘Bo Burnham: Inside’

If you haven’t checked out Bo Burnham’s new special Inside (click for my review), it is out now on Netflix, and I definitely recommend it. The songs are now available on all streaming platforms to listen to, and so I put together my ranking of the songs that were performed throughout the special.

18. Any Day Now

There’s not really much here, but it was on the Album so I added it. The final song of the special pleads “It’ll stop any day now”

17. Shit

Bo has clearly gone over the edge, and this song really just compares everything to… well, shit basically. It’s funny, but it’s not one of the songs that holds up on repeated viewings. However, as a look into how far off the edge he has gone, it still works really well in context of the special.

16. Bezos I/Bezos II

Both “Jeffrey Bezos” and the Reprise are both funny, but the EDM/electro sound isn’t some of his best in the special. Moving from the screaming at the end into the Reprise is clever showing the dive off the deep end, but I think this is used more to show how far he’s gone.

15. Unpaid Intern

This song was super jazzy and super fun, but it was really just a set up for the real joke. I almost didn’t include it because of how short it was, but the joke was so self-referential and the song was actually pretty good.

14. Content

This was a great intro, and the “Daddy made you some content, open wide” joke really got me.

13. Look Who’s Inside Again

“Stuck in a Room” sounds so pretty and is very good, but like “Intro” and “Unpaid Intern” it’s just short. That’s really the only thing holding it back. I will say the ultimate payoff when it goes off the rails is funny, but is also serious when you think of it, as Bo says, he “went out to look for a reason to hide again” followed by saying he found it and that he needs to come out with his hands up because he’s surrounded. In first listen it is comedic, but when you start to wonder why or what he did to be surrounded it does get a little darker.

12. 30

His struggle with getting older, and turning 30 during the pandemic, was a tough watch, but the song is really funny and catchy nonetheless.

11. Goodbye

A great finale is one that can tie the project together, and including verses from “Welcome to the Internet”, “Comedy”, and “Look Who’s Inside Again” really tie the entire project together, as they not only add on to what Bo has done but subverts it as well.

10. FaceTime With my Mom (Tonight)

“FaceTime With my Mom Tonight” breaks into the top 10 because it had one of the funniest jokes in the entire special in,

Say hi to Dad./He says, ‘how ya doing bud?’/I say, ‘I’m not so bad.’/And that’s the deepest talk we’ve ever had.

9. Sexting

This song was not only hilarious, but really dove into the longing for someone else during the pandemic.

8. Don’t Wanna Know

This song is just catchy as hell to be honest, but it also really asks if people are watching this or paying attention, or if it is just “on in the background.” Bo has some really serious subject matter that needs to be ingested, and here Bo struggles with the fact of if he is being heard, or if people are just blindly listening.

7. How the World Works

This song is an attack at imperialism and the nature in which we are taught about historical events. One of the most used quotes in history is “History is told by the victor”, so in this Bo is explaining the world works fine when you look at it from one side, but when you switch it up, the world looks a lot more crooked.

6. Hands Up

This is the saddest and most open song of the whole special. Constantly pleading to “put your hands up, your heads down, pray for me.” It’s a truly open and vulnerable moment, especially when you include the fact that Bo explains his past issues with stand-up comedy, and it’s a truly honest moment in the time. After the journey we had gone on, and the issues we’ve gone through, I think everyone could use a little prayer.

5. Problematic

This synth/pop song gives us such an 80s feel. The electronic music, the working out, the visuals, just everything comes together to bring in this funny, but self reflective song.

4. Comedy

The first real song of the special is a parody of the “White savior complex”, and it works so well. It is catchy, funny, and the message rings loud and clear.

3. Funny Feeling

One of the most reflective songs of the special. Bo just lists off different things that give him a “Funny Feeling”, and behind an acoustic guitar, it feels just so sad in nature while somewhat feeling comfortable.

2. Welcome to the Internet

“Welcome to the Internet” is honestly the best song of the entire special, even if it isn’t my favorite, as it goes through how vast and wide the internet is, but also how dangerous it is. A sinister sounding Bo explains the depths of the internet and how easy it is to veer into different directions, but then explains that “Before the Towers fell” the internet was harmless. After though, the internet boomed into giving everyone the ability to access “Anything and everything, all of the time” even when “mommy let you use her iPad, you were only two.” It’s immensely clever, catchy, and real.

1. White Woman’s Instagram

This song, in my opinion, is the funniest of the entire special. Not only is this insanely real, it also has deep rooted undertones that can’t be captured as well without the visuals. This is one song that I think deserves to be seen, rather than just heard.

Jacob is a Graduate of Western Kentucky University where he earned a History/Film Studies Degree. He is a film critic and co-founder of the Music City Drive-In. He is also a member of the North American Film Critics Association and the Music City Film Critics’ Association. You can find him on Twitter @Tberry57.

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