E3 2021: Day 2 Rundown

Day two of E3 2021 starts on the right path with an overwhelming amount of announcements from the Xbox + Bethesda showcase and the Square Enix presents the event. It was a breath of fresh air considering how far south day one of E3 2021 went. I was pleased with the announcements that took place today and I’m very excited about the volume of games that consumers will be able to enjoy later this year.

The Xbox + Bethesda showcase had the most diverse line of up titles. It was not perfect, but that was a fantastic show. The variety of titles they showed was off the charts. 30 new games are coming to Xbox within the next year and 27 of those titles will be available on game pass. Which is a huge selling point. And 18 of those titles are launching this year and 13 plus titles coming to the platform in the future.

The show was paced well and they let the games do the talking. They address the elephant in the room and announced that Bethesdas latest sci-fi RPG title Starfield will be an Xbox exclusive. Halo Infinite was another big takeaway from the event. It was a smart move to delay the game from its original release which was supposed to be November of last year. The title looks polished and is set to release this holiday season. No set launch day yet but I’m sure it will come soon. The last announcement that stuck out to me was the brand new IP from Arkane Studios Redfall which looks like a great co-op vampire-slaying style game.

Square Enix hit the ground running with a reveal of the new Guardians Of The Galaxy title. Which to my surprise looks phenomenal and is set to drop on October 26th this year! They have been working on this title for a while but I was happy with the result we’ve seen so far. They also showed a roadmap of DLC Marvel characters for the live service Avengers game. This will include Black Panther who is slated to drop in August this year. Other than that it was kind of a dud. We received no Final Fantasy 16 news which was a bit of a disappointment. We finally obtained a look at Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin which looks interesting but I’m not sold just yet.

My Score: B+

Final Thoughts: Day two of E3 2021 was leagues better from yesterday’s events. The Xbox is + Bethesda showcase was the main attraction and has given consumers a reason to invest in the Xbox ecosystem. And Square has given Marvel fans something to look forward to.

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