Top 5 Favorite Star Wars Movie Scenes

May the 4th be with you and Happy Star Wars day! To celebrate this historic franchise, I have gone through and picked out my personal favorite Star Wars scenes and moments.

Worst Scene: Solo

Before we get into my top 5 scenes, I want to highlight the worst scene in all of Star Wars. No political bullshit or weird sand dialogue can hold a candle for how forced and awkward this scene is. It’s truly cringe-inducing hearing how Han got a last name, and I wish they never would have done this.

Honorable Mention: Rouge One

This scene was just pure badassery and such a surprise in the movie. This was the ending scene of Rouge One, and it beautifully tied this story into the bigger picture with Leia receiving the Death Star plans from the Rebels. Quite possibly the most brutal and horrifying version of Vader we have seen on screen. The issue comes that the scene

5. The Force Awakens

Of course, the scene as a whole is fairly tame in terms of Star Wars scenes I could have picked, and I know objectively this isn’t near the top of Star Wars scenes, but there is something about this that has always stuck out to me. Kylo Ren is my favorite character in all of Star Wars, and this was his introduction, and how much cooler of an introduction can you have than stopping a blaster laser mid-flight. I was never a massive Star Wars fan growing up, but The Force Awakens, of all films, is what really opened my eyes up to this entire world of films, and this introduction is one that I will never forget.

4. A New Hope

This scene was not only tense and exciting, but it was such an advance in what movies could do at the time. The CGI looks janky at moments, but you accept it for what it is and it really works. This scene just fits and feels as epic in scale as anything made today even though the look of it might not be up to par. The clip above isn’t the entire scene, but still gives you a feel of the claustrophobic nature of the scene as a whole.

3. Revenge of the Sith

You had to have known this was coming at some point. The prequels were what they were and are what they are, but the one thing I will give credit to the prequels for doing was advancing the level of fights you could see in the Star Wars universe. The advance in technology and choreography culminated in one of the best fights in all of Star Wars. Almost every line of dialogue really works to the fullest, and not even turning into memes can diminish the impact. Jedi vs Jedi, friend vs friend, and brother vs brother, all of these fit into what this battle turned out to be. Personally, I am not a fan of the prequels, and it is because of the prequels that it took me so long to actually get into Star Wars. However, if there is one redeeming quality that George Lucas has with Episodes 1-3, it is this epic battle.

2. The Empire Strikes Back

“I am your father” was the calling card of a generation. Potentially one of the first “memes” of the late 1900s, this line was used, spoofed, and referenced in media for decades to come, and is still being used today. It still holds a place as one of the biggest and most impactful twists of all-time. The only issue for me is that I was not a part of that Era of Star Wars. I was not alive to witness this twist play out on screen for the first time, and by the time I was old enough to really know what Star Wars was, I had heard the line a million times. Looking back on it now, it’s still a massively emotional and impactful scene, and easily still one of Star Wars’ best, but I was never able to witness this in its full “twisty” glory, and for that I can’t put it number one.

1. The Last Jedi

“The Throne Room”, as people have come to describe this scene, is one of the best choreographed, acted, and played out scenes in all of Star Wars. Kylo’s sudden turn on his master coupled with teaming up with his enemy allows for an already emotional battle, but Rian Johnson’s framing and ability to capture this fight as the world that Kylo knew burns around them is miraculous. There isn’t a moment during this scene where you aren’t in awe of the sheer brilliance you’re watching on screen. Say what you want about The Last Jedi, but I think anyone can appreciate just how amazing this scene really is.

Jacob is a Graduate of Western Kentucky University where he earned a History/Film Studies Degree. He is a film critic and co-founder of the Music City Drive-In. He is also a member of the North American Film Critics Association and the Music City Film Critics’ Association. You can find him on Twitter @Tberry57.

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