2021 NFL Draft: Final Wide Receiver Rankings

As we inch closer and close to the draft, I am finalizing some of my rankings, and with that being said, I wanted to take to Reddit and find out who everyone’s consensus top five were and share mine as well.

Honestly, I was a bit surprised with some of the results from Reddit. They were higher on a few guys than I thought but overall, they aligned with my train of thought.

Here is a breakdown of the votes from Reddit.

  • Not much of a surprise seeing Chase have the most first place votes with 20 our of 23, he did hit 4th on a couple of ballots which was a surprise to see him that low.
  • Bateman and Smith both garnered 9 second place votes apiece. Both were left off the top five twice as well. The difference in Smith becoming the number two was Bateman being ranked 4th/5th in 6 ballots vs. Smith being that low only three ballots
  • Waddle slides into number four. He was ranked number one on two ballots, second on two ballots but saw fourth, fifth or left out on nine times.
  • Fifth is ALL OVER THE PLACE. A total of seven guys received votes in the 5th place spot. Tamorrion Terry received a third place vote and that is it. Elijah Moore appeared on eight ballots but never higher than 4th. Rondale Moore and Terrace Marshall both showed up on nine ballots a piece. What set them apart was that Rondale was as high as second on on ballot and third on four other ballots. That is what put him over the top to finish 5th.

My Final Top 5 Wide Receiver Rankings

1. Ja’Marr Chase – Has been my number one as far back as I can remember, head and shoulders the best WR in this class.
2. Jaylen Waddle – Waddle is my guy, and has been. I prefer him to Smith as you can see as I think he will be more of a difference maker on Sundays.
3. Terrace Marshall – Marshall is that good folks, I promise. He was the lone bright spot on a disaster of a season for LSU.
4. Devonta Smith – Although I am not a Smith guy, I can’t knock the talent. I think he will be more relevant in terms of football vs. Fantasy which will make some team happy.
5. Elijah Moore – Best Moore in this class.
6. Rashod Bateman – Nothing against him, I just not a fan.
7. Rondale Moore – Consistently outshined by David Bell, and that is why he is this low. He will produce but not at the level of which people are predicting.
8. Amon-Ra St. Brown –The talent is here and I think he will be the steal of the draft.
9. Tylan Wallace – Injuries are a concern, but talent is not. Would be ranked higher if not for the depth of this draft.
10. Amari Rogers – Senior Bowl week made me the biggest of fans.

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