‘Stealing Chaplin’ Interview and Review

‘Stealing Chaplin’ Interview and Review

When I first saw the information for Stealing Chaplin, I will admit that I had no clue what it was about or that it was a true story. Co-writers and stars Simon and Doug Phillips have a dynamic connection that brings this outrageous story to life.

When you watch the film, you are in awe of the understanding this truly transpired, but furthermore, you get wrapped up in what is happening between Cal/Terry you begin to wonder what you would do in this situation.

In my interview with the cast and crew, Simon and Doug were an absolute delight as the pair were as goofy on the screen as they were off. To me, this made the film even more charming, understanding how well this dynamic works on and off the screen.

Here is the interview.

The outlandish plot blended with a comedic approach set in Las Vegas is what makes this film stand out from other heist movies. They did a great job of incorporating the Vegas feel to the film including an appearance by Mr. Vegas himself, Wayne Newton.

Stealing Chaplin gives you something to root for, something to laugh about, and is one of the better-done heist movies you will see. I had a blast with the cast and crew on the screen and off during the interview.

The Verdict:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

‘Stealing Chaplin is one of the funniest heist movies you will see’

Stealing Chaplin will be available on VOD starting today

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