FINAL Oscar Predictions: The Shorts

If there is one thing you take away from this article, it’s PLEASE watch the shorts that are accessible to you. They are by far and away the most overlooked categories but often have the most passion and the best messages behind them, but they’re also amazing!

Many of these shorts are on Netflix, Youtube, or are easily accessible on the internet to watch legally.

The shorts are easy to predict as the front runner usually stays the front runner. Unfortunately, I do wonder if the voters even pay as much attention as I think they should. Each year, deserved or not, the winner always seems to be the same old, safe pick. This is why predicting the shorts is usually easy to get 3/3. But who knows, maybe we can be surprised!

Anyhow, here are the predictions for the Oscar nominated shorts.

Best Animated Short

  • 1 – If Anything Happens I Love You
  • 2 – Burrow
  • 3 – Opera
  • 4 – Genius Loci
  • 5 – Yes-People

‘If Anything Happens I Love You’ has got this and I’m Down… For… This. I know I’ve said what I have about the shorts, but this is the short I’d be most happy to see win if things go the way I think they will. It’s a beautiful short about well, love, but also mourning and coming to terms with the past. It’s not just the best animated short of the year, but it’s amongst the best. No one will deny this piece of work.

Best Documentary Short

  • 1 – A Love Song for Latasha
  • 2 – Colette
  • 3 – Hunger Ward
  • 4 – A Concerto is a Conversation
  • 5 – Do Not Split

I’d love to see ‘Colette’ win but I think it’s going to ‘A Love Song for Latasha’. Like I say, whatever is the front runner usually stays the front runner. It also has a showy name which can help in this category. I think this is the trickiest short category to predict but hopefully come Oscar night I’m right or at least ‘Colette’ (the deserved winner in my opinion) wins.

Best Live Action Short

  • 1 – The Letter Room
  • 2 – Two Distant Strangers
  • 3 – Feeling Through
  • 4 – The Present
  • 5 – The White Eye

Such an impressive line-up in this category and it makes me sad to have to predict a winner. I think the top three have the best chances, but the edge goes to ‘The Letter Room’ for me. I’d say it’s equally as good as the other nominees, but the use of Oscar Isaac will push it over the edge. Much like how Maria Dizzia helped ‘The Neighbours Window’ get noticed by the Academy, I feel it will be the same for ‘The Letter Room’ and people will vote for it purely for the star power. The voters may not even watch the shorts before voting.

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