Ranking 2021 Oscars Best Actress

In this weeks episode of the Music City Drive-In podcast we talked about the Lead categories for the upcoming Oscars. Who we thought was going to win and who could play potential spoiler, and you can listen to that below.

I wanted to have a little fun with both categories and I will do this to correlate for all of our shows, but I wanted to rank them for my preference, give my winner, and potential spoiler as well.

Best Actress

My Ranking

1. Carey Mulligan – “Promising Young Woman”
2. Viola Davis – “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”
3. Andra Day – “The United States v. Billie Holiday”
4. Vanessa Kirby – “Pieces of a Woman”
5. Frances McDormand – “Nomadland”

Who Will Win: Carey Mulligan – “Promising Young Woman”

Carey Mulligan has been my pick the moment I saw this movie, and the second time, third time, fourth time, and the fifth time watching it. I was blown away by her performance all the way down to the little things that she does throughout the film. Mulligan gave one of the best performances of the last decade. I do think she is going to win, and I will be elated.

Who Might Play Spoiler: Andra Day – “The United States v. Billie Holiday”

I will say this is a strong category from top to bottom and could see any of these ladies take home the trophy. Andra Day’s Golden Globe threw a wrench in Mulligan running away with this award and think she is the most substantial competition to the top spot. Day’s performance was terrific and I don’t hate the idea of her winning.

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