‘For the Record’ Season One Review & Interview with Stars Anna Hopkins & Julian De Zotti

SYNOPSIS: Ray and Angela just broke up. What if the iconic songs we all know and love had the power to bring them back together? Follow the interconnected people, stories & music that mend their broken hearts.

I watched the entire first season of For the Record and I was impressed with how great the writing was. The idea of music intertwining with love is something in real life. We hear a song while flipping through a station, and it stops us dead in the tracks bringing back memories with a certain loved one that happens to us all the time. 

In speaking with writer/star of the show Julian De Zotti about the show’s writing, he speaks about just that. He wanted to make the centerpiece of the story music and showcase to us the journey of love. 

Throughout the season, Ray (De Zotti) faces the obstacle of finding that love again, and he has struggled since he and Angela broke up. The writing and articulating how we often search for that love and how we try to find it in any place we can is the show’s highlight. De Zotti tackles serious topics from interracial relationships, monogamy, infidelity, and he does it an excellent way.

The chemistry is dynamic between Anna Hopkins and Julian De Zotti as Angela and Ray. I would love to explore them more with another season of the two because we only got a glimpse of their potential together. It’s a well-written, fun, heartfelt look at love and the beautiful way he brings it together with music makes the show great.

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