‘I Care a Lot’ – Review

courtesy of Netflix

I Care a Lot: Directed by: J Blakeson

SYNOPSIS: A court-appointed legal guardian defrauds her older clients and traps them under her care. But her latest mark comes with some unexpected baggage.

I had no idea what to expect going into this film, but the reviews looked good and people I trusted recommended it, so I thought I would give it a try. I can safely say that I am shocked by how much I enjoyed it. There is a lot of intrigue in this film and that comes from a nice combination of performances, storytelling, and direction. All of that combined left me very interested in the film as a whole. 

Rosamund Pike is a star and it shows in this film, she carried with an electric performance. But it doesn’t stop there, the supporting cast shines as well and that is led by Peter Dinklage who gives a relatively reserved but powerful performance. The other standout for me was Chris Messina. Although he didn’t have too much screen time, he was by far my favorite character of the entire film. The scene between him and Pike is by far my favorite of the film and I could have an entire two-hour film dedicated to those characters going back and forth.

The thing that stands out besides the performances is the storytelling and direction. I really dug the direction from J Blakeson. One of my favorite directors is Adam McKay and that McKay style shines through in this film. The way it is edited, written, and shot looks and feels like a McKay film and for that I loved it. But it wasn’t complete like that. It had its own style and tone and that was one of the best parts of the film. The storytelling is dynamic, fast-paced, and jarring at times but left me fully intrigued and locked in for the entirety of the runtime. 

The writing of the film is the most on and off part of the film. The first two acts are fantastic. The story building and rising action of the film is top notch and leaves you invested for Pike’s characters demise. But then we hit the climax and the film takes a complete left turn. That left turn is what I do not like about the film. The audience was trained throughout the film to not like Pike’s character. Asking the audience to completely change your thoughts towards a character that we have been trained to hate is not the way to go. Although, it does make up for itself with the shocking, but not so shocking ending.

FINAL: I Care a Lot is a fairly solid film with fantastic performances, quick and impactful direction and intriguing storytelling. The pacing works and the editing is quick and to the point. The writing works for the first two acts but then turns itself to a dead end after the climax. An experience that I won’t ever forget with some of the most shocking moments I’ve seen. The film is definitely worth a watch and something that should be checked out at least once. The film is currently streaming on Netflix.

Point Breakdown:

  • 25 for Entertainment 21
  • 20 for Performances 18
  • 10 for Direction 8
  • 10 for Writing 8
  • 10 for Emotions 7
  • 10 for Cinematography 8
  • 5 for Pacing 4
  • 5 for Rewatchability 5
  • 5 pts Automatic 5

Final Score: 84/100

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