R.I.P. Unus Annus

On Nov. 13/14, YouTube channel “Unus Annus” said goodbye for one last time to the fans around the world that latched on to their videos over the past year. In one singular moment, everything that Mark, Ethan, and Amy, and the rest of the crew, had been working 365 days for came to an end.

For those who were not lucky enough to know what this channel was, Mark (Markiplier), Ethan (CrankGameplays), and Amy all came together with one singular idea, one full year of videos released every single day, and after the year ended the channel and everything that had to do with it, would end. Unus Annus would cease to exist. The videos, gone forever to never be resurfaced again.

If you don’t understand it, I don’t blame you. How could you understand putting that much effort into making the highest quality videos you could all for it to be erased after a year. Mark and Ethan said it multiple times, but they knew what they were doing. Essentially, they were giving up an entire year to some higher and bigger cause. A year they could have been working on themselves, on their own channel, on their own products, etc.


But, Unus Annus wasn’t just a YouTube channel that had these two guys doing some insane stuff, it was a lesson in living out your life as best as you could for the short amount of time you are given. It was a reminder to live every day, whether good or bad, to the absolute best of your ability. Because how fast Unus Annus came and left, we come and go the exact same. One day, we will be looking back on our lives and when that time comes there should be no regrets.

Memento Mori or Remember that you must die. Was the “catchphrase” of the Unus Annus channel, and it stood as a symbol for what the channel stood for. Because no matter in their worst days during some incredibly dark times that 2020 has brought, Unus Annus never forgot that phrase, and always strived to make the best content they possibly could in the short amount of time they were given.

Because the time was never going to extend. They knew their end and when it was coming. There was no reset, no do-over, no mulligan, they had one chance to pull off something absolutely incredible. And over their final 12-hour stream you could really see how much of an impact they had on such a large scale. The final stream brought in over 1 million likes, multiple of the hashtags went worldwide trending #1, and there were over 1.5 million people who tuned in to watch the final seconds tick away, and for the channel that so many people had followed finally end.

For me personally, I was only able to be with these people for a little over a month, but during that month I had some hard times. I became unemployed for the second time since march and I had an abundant amount of other personal problems that were eating me alive. After finally getting readjusted to “the real world” I was forced back into a lockdown state that was devastating to my mental state. This is not me complaining about the lockdown, if a lockdown is what needs to happen to stop this virus I am all for it, but more-so explaining the re-entrapment back into my own mind that I worked so hard to get out of for so long.

When my friend showed me these videos, I have to admit I didn’t understand it at first. I watched along a few times a day when I was bored and never even thought it would hit me as hard as it has. But over time, watching these two do basically whatever they wanted, became something I paid more attention to and latched onto. It is hard to explain, but I began to understand why they did this, and I began to understand that this year wasn’t a waste for them, but an awakening.

Because through watching the videos day in and out I began wanting to catch up with it all. I began wanting to be more and more a part of the lore and meaning they were getting at. Because the meaning of the channel wasn’t completely Memento Mori. That was a big part of it, yes, but the real meaning of the channel was to remember you must die, in order to live every day to the absolute fullest. That is what they did in every single video I was lucky enough to see. They lived. And they lived the best possible life they could live. They had fun, they got weird, they taught, they listened, and they did all of the things they wanted to do before it was over.

They were able to reminisce with over a million people about all of the life they had and all of the life they gave to each and every one of us. When the clock struck 00:00:00, and my TV went black, it was sad. It was sad in the same way of feeling like you are having to let go of a friend or a loved one, but not sad in a way they lead to regret, or being ashamed of what was created.

This is truthfully one of the most bittersweet things I have ever been able to be a part of. Today, I got on YouTube at 2 pm CT and didn’t see anything and just remembered all over again. I am not ashamed to admit that I have teared up multiple times trying to process this whole thing.

If you don’t understand, there is no better way for me to explain it, but if you do understand then I know you are experiencing the exact same thing I am here. It was a fun ride for as short as it lasted, and I am glad to be in the “lore” with you all. This is seriously a once in a lifetime experience that will never happen again the same way.

To Ethan, Mark, Amy, and the rest of the crew, if you for some reason read this, thank you so much for what you guys did over the past year. You were able to bring joy and happiness and just a light in a time that really needed as much light as it could get. Rest now, and know you did the absolute best. I love you all, thank you so much for reminding me to always live and to always strive for the best out of life even in the worst days. Memento Mori, memories truly never die, and this is something I will never forget.

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