The Mandalorian S2: E1 “The Marshal” – Review

Director: John Favreau

Cast: Pedro Pascal, Timothy Olyphant, John Leguizamo

Synopsis: The Mandalorian is drawn to the Outer Rim in search of others of his kind.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: 'The Marshall'

We revisit with Mando after the epic S1 finale as his new mission is to take the Child back to his people. The Mandalorian S2 kicks off in a similar way to what we got most of S1, and that is with some brutal, and dark sequences, coupled with some really enticing Star Wars shoutouts and easter eggs to continue to make this show feel fresh, but at the same time similar to the products before it.

S2 starts off with Mando set off to find more Mandalorians, in an effort to find someone who can lead him to the Child’s people. After a run-in with John Leguizamo’s character, listen or you might miss him, he discovers that there is a known Mandalorian on Tatooine, a familiar planet for Star Wars fans.

On Tatooine, we meet Cobb Vanth, a.k.a the Marshal (Timothy Olyphant) who is a “different” type of Mandalorian. I really liked what they managed to do with Vanth’s backstory. You were able to understand where he was coming from in some of his decisions, and we also were able to see the humanity of Mando. I loved Olyphant here, and think he fits perfectly into this universe. I hope to see him more as time goes on.

My biggest problem with this episode and it was my biggest problem with S1, is the “Video Game” nature of the show. This show continues to feel like a collection of smaller boss battles, leading up to the impending “big bad” of the season. In this episode, however, I enjoyed how the battle ensued. The bond that was made between rival peoples, and the action that was enjoying to watch. It reminded me of why Star Wars is such a beloved property and infuses The Mandalorian‘s western feel with that of the Star Wars epic saga wonderfully.

This also maintains the look and feel of one of the best technically made shows Disney+ has to offer. The standouts of S1, carry over into this one as the landscapes and sounds throughout the episode are a marvel to witness. The “boss” of the episode is as lifelike as CGI can get and, for a TV show especially, looks seamless throughout.

I will say, make sure you stay around for the entire episode, because a scene at the end of the show will have Star Wars fans everywhere excited for the rest of the season. It is quick, but you won’t wanna miss it!

Final: The Mandalorian S2 kicks off with an exciting and fun first episode, that includes a hell of an ending scene you won’t want to miss.

My Score:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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