Week 3 SEC Predictions

This will not be a normal prediction post. My day job is a manager at a movie theater, so for the last week, we have all been working hard and struggling to get everything shut down for the foreseeable future. The games to watch and further analysis will be back for next week, but for this week I am only giving predictions.

  • Alabama: 38 @ Ole Miss: 24
  • Arkansas: 14 @ Auburn: 17
  • Florida: 28 @ Texas A&M: 24
  • Tennessee: 17 @ Georgia: 24
  • Mississippi St.: 28 @ Kentucky: 35
  • Missouri: 7 @ LSU: 35
  • South Carolina: 24 @ Vanderbilt: 21

Again, I apologize for the lack of analysis and will be able to provide more for next week!

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