Netflix provides the harsh reality of living in the Midwest in a shocking documentary

Living in Silicon Valley, the perspective you have on America is different from the perspectives people living in other parts of this country have. While I’m lucky to be surrounded by success everywhere thanks to the digitalization of the world, sadly this is not the case in other parts of America, especially in the Midwest.

For those familiar with the documentary The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant, the Netflix documentary American Factory gives the world a glimpse of the struggles of people living in the Midwest. While The Last Truck took place in Moraine, Ohio, American Factory takes place in Dayton, Ohio. In both documentaries, the effects of the GM factory are narrated.

While the movie does start out in a positive note, it unravels into a sad story.

It’s sad to see people in their 40s that once were able to afford their own home being forced to live in their sibling’s basement because of the lower wages. It’s sad to see parents no longer able to buy their kids gifts that they’ve wanted. It’s sad to see people who have great resumés wanting to get a better life for themself but being unable to leave their town due to complicated reasons.

While factory workers in the documentary and at home face similar conditions, the difference is that those living in Silicon Valley have a lot more places within their area where they can find work. In Dayton, those people will have to move or commute really long hours for better work.

Whether you’re a person of wealth or not, I hope this documentary motivates you to find ways to improve your community. And if you’re a student, I hope this documentary motivated you to study so that you can provide the struggling people with a better future.

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