Untitled Mailbag V6

Welcome back everyone to V6 of the Untitled Mailbag.

Don’t forget to get your questions in for the next mail bag by emailing me here: thevaleroverdict@gmail.com or send your questions on Twitter here.

Exactly one year ago today, the very first episode of the MCDI Pod launched, and I had the chance of listening back to the episode, and it wasn’t terrible, but the best part was calling Jacob, Justin. Listen to the episode here:

The MCDI was formed after getting to know Jacob because we were both accepted to be apart of the Music City Film Critic Association, which is still one of the coolest things to ever happen to me (and him). But in our in-depth talks and back when we agreed on films, he and I decided to start the Podcast together.

To be honest, I had no clue a year later we would be where we are today. We launched the Podcast, the Website several minutes later, and this past July, The Drive-In Podcast Network, it is legit mind-blowing.

It has been a wild year, and the growth within the last year has been remarkable. I am extremely grateful to everyone that keeps coming back to the site and keeps listening to the podcast.

Now onto your questions

Question from Jassem (@Financeasmr on Twitter) – When will Music City Drive-In create their own drive-in movie theater?

Jassem, it’s funny you ask that because we are working on something for the future to dive into the area of films but sadly, it is not Drive-In movie theater.

I can’t so much else right now, but I am excited about what we have ahead. If I am being honest, owning a small old school style theater has always been a dream of mine.

Question from Jessica (My sister) – (She asked on Facebook) – In all the movies you have watched, which one has the best script?

The best script, wow, this is a super hard one for me to answer as there are some great scripts.

I will go with Lost in Translation. There has always been something about this film that has drawn me to it, and Coppola has this amazing way of captivating you with every word she writes.

A very close second is Tom Ford’s ‘Nocturnal Animals’, the film still to this day has me questioning what I would’ve done.

Question from Triple Play Fantasy (@TripPlayFantasy on Twitter) – What’s your favorite cereal?

CT Crunch is hands down the best, and I will breakdown why. The most important thing about cereal is the milk after the fact and whether or not it is drinkable with good taste.

CT Crunch past the test with flying colors.

Runner up: Fruity Pepples and one I wish I could still get, Waffle Crisp.

Question from Joseph Harms (@Officially_joseph.harms on IG)We all know there are films that have aged badly, but are there any films that have gotten better with time?

What a great question because there is a film that I recently watched that I hated when it came out.

There Will Be Blood: I HATED this film so much when I first watched it back in 2008. I complained it was boring, dull, and just uninspiring.

I was doing some research for the podcast as we were honing in on the 2009 Oscars (2008 Films), and my co-host Kenzie told me to give it another try, and I reluctantly did.

After I watched it, I was blown away by how perfect the movie was. From the direction from PTA to the performances from Paul Dano, Daniel Day Lewis, I was floored. I couldn’t believe I once gave this film 2 stars.

Question from Jacob (@AintDunneYet on Twitter) What is your favorite zoo animal?

I am sure my answer will shock most of you but it is hands down this beautiful animal.

I am not sure when it was when I fell in love with the Flamingo, but it has been something I have loved for a long time. The picture I took above was at the Nashville Zoo, and they are just absolutely breathtaking in person.

Question from MCDI co-host, Jacob (@Tberry57 on Twitter) – What’s the oldest movie you have ever seen, and did you enjoy it?

1939: Gone With the Wind: Hands down one of my all-time favorite movies.

Question from Katherine (@likeyoudox on Twitter) – What is your favorite Dark comedy?

Sorry Kenzie, I can’t pick Jennifer’s Body when we have hands down one of Jim Carrey’s best films to talk about, The Cable Guy.


Okay, now that I got that off my chest. First off, people often forget that this was directed by Ben Stiller, which I absolutely love. Is this movie weird? Yes. Is this movie creepy? Yes. Is this movie give you stalker vibes? Yes. Does this movie make you cringe? Yes. Does this movie make you laugh? FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Cable Guy is one of my all-time favorite comedy films in general.

Question from The OC Podcast co-host, Kenzie (@Kenzvanunu on Twitter) – Rank David Fincher’s Movies?

The Social Network
Gone Girl
The Girl With Dragon Tattoo
Panic Room
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Game
Fight Club
Alien 3

Can we first talk about how amazing his filmography is? I count seven movies (out of ten) that are four stars or better.

I struggled with 1-3, and it wasn’t easy at all because those three films are perfect for me. The Social Network is one of my all-time favorite films, and I am currently working on putting together my all-time favorite movie list, and this will, for sure, be in the top 10, maybe higher.

I believe his most underrated film is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I love that film so much, and I believe I owe it a rewatch.

Thank you so much for reading another episode of my weekly mailbag, hit me up on here or talk to me on Twitter with your questions @RickyValero_

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