Playstation 5 Showcase: Live Update

Playstation 5 Showcase: Live Update

Art By: @BT_BlackThunder via Twitter

This thread will provide a live update of the Playstation 5 showcase announcements as the event goes along. Below the updates will be a thread of our Twitter (@FilmOptix) with live updates by Christian throughout the event.


  • Playstation 5 Showcase 1pm PST / 4 pm EST. All times in CT.

  • 3:02PM: Final Fantasy 16 coming to PS5 & PC

  • 3:09PM: Spider-Man Miles Morales Game-Play

  • 3:15: Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Announced!

  • 3:20PM: Call Of Duty: Cold War Gameplay

  • 3:23PM: Resident Evil Village Coming 2021

  • 3:29PM: DEATHLOOP Coming Q2 2021

    Deathloop Devs on PS5 Features, Time Loop Gameplay - IGN
  • 3:33PM: Devil May Cry 5 V SE Announced

  • 3:32PM: New look at Oddworld

  • 3:36PM: Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach – Teaser Trailer

  • 3:40pm: Demon’s Souls – Gameplay Trailer 

  • 3:43PM: PlayStation Plus Collection Revealed

  • 3:45PM: Playstation 5 Prices & Release Dates Revealed

  • 3:50PM: God Of War Announced For 2021

  • 3:55PM: PlayStation 5 Showcase – Closing Sizzle

Thank you for sticking around! Look out for our podcast episode Monday August 24th reflecting on todays events. Our podcast ‘Film Optix‘ is available on platforms around the world. Give us a follow on Instagram @filmoptix & Twitter @filmoptix. Follow Christian @musiccitynerd & Devin @_Devdogg_ on twitter. Make sure to check out the rest of the Drive-In Network Podcasts as well. Subscribe to our podcast & leave a 5 star rating and review on apple podcast.  I will see you all in the next one!

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