HBO Max Pilot Reviews: The O.C.

HBO Max came out swinging by releasing a HUGE catalog of television shows. I will unveil a new series in which I watch the pilot episode from the catalog and tell you if it’s worth binging.

Today, I am going to review one of the most popular shows on HBO, The O.C.

Just started an ‘The O.C. Podcast” where weekly we watch an episode of the O.C. and review it. Show is available anywhere you listen to podcast, click here for more information.: ‘The O.C. Podcast”

S1E1: The Pilot

The opening sequence of the episode after the arrest is remarkable. That dialogue between Sandy (Gallagher) and Ryan (McKenzie) is strong. It’s someone who has been in those shoes vs. someone in those shoes right now.

The words ‘You have to get over the fact that life dealt you a bad hand’, that line is perfect.

Gallagher playing this Father like figure to a kid that doesn’t have a father was the highlight of this episode. There are several scenes from the jail to the helping of tying the tie to the defending of him to his wife to that final scene of the episode, he just oozed this ability to make you care about everything that was going on.

The direction was magnificent. The camera work and the utilization of the beautiful backdrop, it helped showcase the idea of the O.C.

The Verdict:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I felt like the first episode was well scripted from start to finish. It set us up all around the board. We had our foundation lined out for Ryan, and who we were going to get out of him, set up the relationship with him and Seth, and we got the foundation set with the relationship between both guys and Summer and Marissa.

A beautifully shot drama that knocks it out of the ballpark from go. From the moment the show opened until the show ended, I wanted more, and that’s what you want out of a pilot.

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