Best and Worst Wins of the 10s – Picture

Best and Worst Wins of the 10s – Picture

With no movies coming out in the near future, all we can do is look back to the past. The past decade was a great one for movies, but was it a great one for Oscars? I dive in here to give what I, and twitter via poll, think what was the best and the worst wins of the 10s.

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Best Win

My Pick: Birdman

  • So I don’t know if this will be a popular pick or not. My number 2 is 12 Years a Slave if you were wondering, but Birdman ever so slightly edges it out. Not only is this just a wonderful movie and of itself, but it is also a perfect commentary on movies, filmmaking, critics, audiences, actors, and just the entire film industry as a whole. It is satirical without ever being a satire and points out inconsistencies and issues across the board. Its themes have stood the test of time, and will continue to for years to come. There isn’t one wasted frame, scene, or performance, and the one-take maybe didn’t need to be done, but it only added to the sheer greatness of the film.

Twitter’s Pick: Parasite

  • No surprise here, and rightfully so. While I think Sam Mendes should’ve won Director, I always believed Parasite should have strolled away with Picture. This tense and beautifully made thriller/horror/black comedy was one of the best movies released last year, and was a movie that was able to begin conversations regarding the language barrier. It was a wonderful movie to become the first foreign film to win best picture, and I think it will be a highly influential one for many years to come. Let’s just hope this isn’t a one time thing by the academy.

Worst Win

My Pick: Green Book

  • My full unbiased thoughts are in the next paragraph, but here I am going to shout from the rooftops ROMA SHOULD HAVE WON!, and it should not have been close. Biggest disappointment of the 2010s when it came to the Oscars.

Twitter’s Pick: Green Book

  • No surprise here. I have my personal reasons for why I think Green Book should not have won, but this win is clearly not seen highly upon. I think it goes with the fact that we had, strangely enough, a somewhat diverse lineup. A purely Mexican film done in Spanish (Roma), a film about a black man undermining the KKK (BlacKkKlansman), and a superhero movie with a predominantly black cast (Black Panther). These films weren’t about the struggles of being a minority so much as they were just normal stories that were about real, and super, people. Then the Academy gives the award to the apologetic “white savior” film they could watch and hopefully not feel as bad afterward. I am not surprised this movie won, but it isn’t a good win.

Jacob is a film critic and co-founder of the Music City Drive-In. He is a member of the Music City Film Critics’ Association and specializes in the awards season. You can find him on Twitter @Tberry57.

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