Chemical Hearts – Movie Review

Amazon Studios come back with a better production quality this time. Starring Lili Reinhart, Chemical Hearts is follows with Henry Page who is a regular teenage boy and loves to write. He says he can’t talk well but puts the best words to express himself and thinks his life is boring until he meets Grace Town.

Released on 21st August on Amazon Prime Video.

The story of this movie is all over the place but yet it keeps you hooked till the end. It could have been better arranged. As we start to feel good about the characters, they do things out of pain and out of character.

The movie focused on an important topic, like 13 Reasons Why, with suicide, and high school. Now honestly guys, I don’t know how high school and teenage years in the US are “painful” and “dark” because I am from a country where first of all there is no high school and comparatively all we did in high school is STUDY, STUDY, and STUDY and never complain about it.

If you are in high school and relate to such stuff that they show in the movie then please let me know. I would love to know this high school culture in – depth. So, as the story progresses you fall in love with Henry and Grace. There are many simple and sweet moments in the film which I love.

Most of the people will watch this movie for Lili Reinhart, just like I did and she does a pretty great job in the film. Austin Abrams seems like a newbie; I have never seen him in any film before and I liked him too. The director of this movie is also new, his shots for the film are breathtaking.

Amazon Studios are upping their game with better production and it is great to see that. It is a simple story you might stumble upon on a sad day and get inspired because each day is a hope to create something new.

A line from the movie which is cool says, “Love, it’s a chemical reaction, it comes and goes”.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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