UCONN makes COVID-19 decision

UConn, who recently left the American Athletic Conference, was expected to play this season as an Independent.

With many different conferences opting to do a “conference only” schedule, UConn has decided to CANCEL their 2020 Football Season.

Athletic director David Benedict had this to say, “After receiving guidance from state and public health officials and consulting with football student-athletes, we’ve decided that we will not compete on the gridiron this season. The safety challenges created by COVID-19 place our football student-athletes at an unacceptable level of risk.” (via ESPN)

This makes UConn the first FBS team to opt OUT of playing a 2020 season. A few players have already announced their plans to forego the season, with Gophers Rashod Bateman being the most recent high profile player to opt out.

What do you think this means for this College Football season? Let us know in the comments below!

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