The Valero Verdict: Freeze!

Welcome to another edition of the Valero Verdict. In this, I will give you my thoughts about a film, what I did or didn’t like, and I will give my overall rating of the movie.

On the docket today, the short film, Freeze!.

Take a listen to my interview with Director of Freeze!, Maya Albanese here:

A woman whose biological clock is urgently ticking meets an eccentric egg-freezing doctor who offers peace of mind in exchange for top dollar.

Project type: Narrative Short
Writer/Director: Maya Albanese
Producer: Valerie Steinberg
Executive Producer: Brock Williams

What a truly remarkable telling short with absolutely BRILLIANT writing. You could feel how personal this was for Maya Albanese because she gave us a vivid look inside the mind of a woman struggling with not having kids or being married by a certain age. The pressure women feel from their parents, their colleges, and their friends truly make them succumb to the idea of settling for bad relationships or fills them full of anxiety-ridden depression. 

The cast is strong led by Nora Zehetner, who is an absolute JOY to watch in this. She kills this role and takes this little short to the next level. The emotions she feels, you feel, and within that, it breaks your heart to watch her breakdown. The supporting cast is talented, even with short lines make their presence feel known.

A beautiful horror-like score by Ariel Marx is chilling and perfectly fits the short. It elevates the suspense surrounding the story and makes you feel that uneasiness that Joy feels in the movie.

The Verdict:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Freeze felt personal, and personal filmmaking is some of the best filmmaking. It is raw, honest while being funny, quirky, and perfect. Albanese is a filmmaker that I can’t wait to see more out of because she has IT. I’ve watched this short several times, and it gets better and better. The laughs are subtle and placed perfectly throughout the short. I would watch a full-length version of this film. 

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