Old Tom – A very brief introduction.

As my first ever piece for Music City Drive-In, I wanted to take a minute to tell you, the viewer, just a little something about myself and what I hope to bring you.

I’m a simple individual who has been described by many as a ‘Merry Fellow’. I find that title honorable, and I hope that all encounters had with Old Tom produce the same sentiment on behalf of the other party.

A few years back, roughly 1934ish, my good friend John asked if he could use me for a bit of inspiration. In a few novels, he was writing. I gladly obliged as I found both John and his work amusing and inspiring. The responses Old Tom received from a few references here, and there was overwhelmingly appreciated.

As time has passed, both Goldberry (my beautiful better half) and I have learned to take up new hobbies. They seem to better fit the current state of humanity. One such interest that has sucked Old Tom in, like no other he has ever encountered, is that of Fantasy Football.

It is here, my dear friends, that I must start my introduction in regards to my current platform – I am Old Tom Bombadil, and my one goal, henceforth, is to bring as many #TomBombs into your life as you will allow.

What is a #TomBomb, you ask? Well, they are simply bits of wisdom derived from the inner-workings of Old Tom’s mind. I must warn you that as much as I aim to bring you perfection, even Old Tom can’t foresee into the future. Yet, I do give you my assurance that I expel all my efforts.

I hope you enjoy my #TomBombs as much as I enjoy dropping them. If you ever find yourself wanting just a bit more of Old Tom, feel free to wander on over to my Twitter and follow me along on this adventure.

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