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“The Matrix: Resurrections” Trailer 2

Barely a week after the release of the second teaser, Warner Brothers has dropped a bigger dive into the movie and the story is beginning to take shape. I think it's interesting to note that in the picture above, a few of the faded echoes bursting from Carrie Anne Moss are actually someone else. Dive … Continue reading “The Matrix: Resurrections” Trailer 2

The Matrix: Resurrections Teaser 2

A new teaser is teasing potentially the most exciting conceptual step-forward in blockbuster film-making in many years: https://www.youtube.com/embed/IgYs_NDyaLs Lana Wachowski responded to press indicating that there will be a "surface" level of enjoyment from this movie and substance to enjoy conceptually beyond that. The trailer teases using "old code" to create something new and with … Continue reading The Matrix: Resurrections Teaser 2