Donna: Stronger Than Pretty star Kate Amundsen Interview

I spoke with the star of the film Donna: Stronger Than Pretty, Kate Amundsen. It was a powerful and moving conversation about the story behind the film, how she prepared for the role and so much more. Based on a true story, Donna is a romantic tragedy — an unlove story — that spans... Continue Reading →

20 Years of Best Picture Ranked

I was sitting there doing one of our Oscar Podcast and was like: 'You know what would be a good idea?' Ranking the last twenty years of winners from the Academy. So today, I close out my series with the Best Picture category. RankFilm1Parasite2The Departed3No Country For Old Men412 Years a Slave5Spotlight6Moonlight7The Hurt Locker8Birdman9Argo10Chicago11Slumdog Millionaire12A... Continue Reading →

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