Monday Recap, Week 7

Well, that was fun. It started with a tough Thursday night game, then a rough Sunday slate. We wrap up the week with a tough matchup between the Saints and Seahawks were, like as not, the miracle most people are looking for is simply for the good players on those teams to actually play. But... Continue Reading →

Monday Recap, Week 6

Another week is in the books—almost. We have an interesting Monday night battle between the Bills and Titans, and I’ll look more at that in a minute. First, it’s time to consider the week that we’ve had so far, which included our second London clash, our first set of bye weeks and more than a... Continue Reading →

Monday Recap, Week 5

Week 5 of the NFL Season is nearly in the books and we’re starting to see some interesting things as we get to mid-October and the heart of the season. With teams that started hot and stumbled, it can be easy to wonder if it’s a sign the wheels are about to fall off. Before... Continue Reading →

News Or Noise: Week Five Edition

I hope the defender is okay Derrick Henry is a force of nature. Over the first four games of the season he is averaging 127.5 yards per game on the ground. In the age of the timeshare, Henry stands alone, getting 28.5 rushing attempts per game. That's more than some teams are averaging per game... Continue Reading →

Monday Recap, Week 4

With four weeks of the NFL season nearly in the books we can start to see trends. One of the biggest things is always who is unbeaten and who is winless. After four weeks, both those things are telling signs. One of the NFL’s unbeatens, the Las Vegas Raiders, play tonight. We’ll look more at... Continue Reading →

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