Monday Recap, Week 17

In year’s past, the Week 17 slate would have marked the end of the NFL regular season. Not so in 2021, where we get one more week. And there are still playoff slots—two in the AFC and one in the NFC—yet to be decided. But we did get a lot of clarity on the playoff... Continue Reading →

Monday Recap, Week 16

After tonight, there will be only two games left in the NFL Season. The playoff picture is starting to come into view but there are still questions. Sunday’s action didn’t always clarify those questions. For fantasy players, it’s likely all coming down to a miracle tonight and hopefully a trip to the finals next week.... Continue Reading →

Monday Recap, Week 15

Week 15 hasn’t gone as anyone expected. COVID has wreaked havoc on the league, forcing three games to be postponed, giving us a double-header tonight and a double-header on Tuesday, too. That still leaves plenty of time to make up ground in title matches, and it’s a good thing, too. Some of our studs weren’t... Continue Reading →

Monday Recap, Week 14

Did you make the fantasy playoffs? Are you on the cusp but in need of a heroic Monday night effort? With the high-powered Rams facing the high-powered Cardinals, that feels possible. I’ll look at the Monday night game in a minute, first it’s time to consider all the other takeaways from a wild Week 14... Continue Reading →

Monday Recap, Week 13

There have been a lot of big matchups in Week 13 that didn’t play out as expected, especially in the AFC. Tonight, as the week comes to a close, we have perhaps the biggest as the New England Patriots head to Buffalo for the first of two December meetings. The Bills were my pick to... Continue Reading →

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