“The King’s Man” Seasonal Trailer

"This Christmas bring your friends to see a heart warming tale of killing, sex, and deceit..." This feels like the third time 20th Century "Studios" has had to rejuvenate the marketing for "The King's Man" but it still looks like fun: https://www.youtube.com/embed/DGEl45O6GC4 Directed (still) by Matthew Vaughn, and written (still) by Jane Goldman, Matthew Vaughn,... Continue Reading →

Binge Watch: X-Men Films

Last year, 20th Century FOX was sold to Disney, reuniting almost all the Marvel stories. One of the last of the FOX-produced X-Men films, New Mutants, debuted at the end of August. It was long-awaited and has been much maligned. Some have called it the worst X-Men film. I disagree, but it got me thinking... Continue Reading →

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